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07 May 2013


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{Swoon}! What a beautiful display! I love the bright happy colors you've used -- I need to follow your lead. I LOVE those subway socks -- I think I need some!


They are fun to knit aren't they? I love shaping the heel and gusset, it looks so clever. I must get on with another pair.


Socks seem to be about all I manage to finish these days and I sometimes feel despondent about knitting achievements but I will take heart from the thought that there are 34,000 stitches in each. Lovely rainbow Ali, please be sure to show us the completed display.


What an abundance! A friend knitted me a pair similar to those on the right hand side. I have managed just one pair but I am rather proud of them. Enjoy the exhibition.


They look fabulous all hung up together.

harmony and rosie

And not a hole in sight .. of the toe made variety, that is! Your sock drawer is a wonderful riot of colour, all half a million stitches worth!


Well done they look fantastic.

Janet Clare

Great socks! I struggled through one pair and haven't been brave enough to try a second yet!


I love your socks, and am envious of your skill. I think that will be my project next winter, learn to knit socks.


Utter sock joy. Your exhibition is literally round the corner from my other half's office. I have to contrive a way to come and see it.


Your socks made me smile. How fun to choose from all those colours as you get dress in the morning. I hope the exhibition is a success.


a show! how exciting! i love your socks, esp. the stripey pairs!


They look absolutely brilliant Ali!


They look great - love the colours.
What sock pattern do you use?


A work of art indeed!



Brilliant, Ali.


love it!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Nice one! Excited for you that you're exhibiting :)


Socktastic! I'm well and truly addicted now *goes off in search of next yarn purchase*

The Coffee Lady

Oh, and your colour co-ordinated pegs, too. You are classy.


Such a wonderful project--so wish I could come see it in situ. I seem to have just about given up all other forms of knitting now for socks! K x


they look great like that! I am manically knitting socks right now, it's addictive once you get going


Absolutey gorgeous. And I WANT those rainbow ones!

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