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31 May 2013


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I love the picture of paws - so cute!
Only 5 weeks of my PGCE course left to go know - I'll be joining in the countdown to summer holidays with you! x


Love the photo of the cats paws! So cute x

rusty duck

Let's hope we have some half decent weather to go with it.


yup. I'm ready too.

As soon as the exams get out of the way!

Magic Bean

It is going to be Very Difficult getting back into the work/school thing on Monday. Well, Sunday night really. I have loved this little half term snippet. Always do. Half terms rock.

Magic Bean

PS, love your adventure sign...


Gosh...I was just going to comment on how I loved the kitty paws as well...people already beat me to it. :)


half term has gone SO fast.... your's looks truly inspiring, ours was probably damper.....

nina - tabiboo

Pussy cat paws....awwwwwww!

...sorry - me too 'oh yes' me too.

Got a little distracted there for a moment.

Nina x


great photos Ali. You said it perfectly about the world opening up - it's so nice to be using outside spaces again and feel the warm sun on your skin - I do hope we get lots more of that in the summer hols!


I think we all need a bit more fun in our lives! Roll on summer!!!


Your big boy is mighty handsome


Love those tulips hanging over the sweet bowl. Such beautiful colours.


Can't wait for the hols. I have my plans being laid already.

Sew Create It - Jane

I'm counting down too. As one who grew up in Canada when summer started about the 22nd of June I always find the last few weeks drag... bring on the lazy summer days!!

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