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22 April 2013


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I just updated my calendar last night -and am now kinda freaking out! the youngest just earned a new belt at taekwondo, which means his schedule changes. and i had the old schedule DOWN. Yikes.


Investing time in real life pursuits is definitely a good plan Ali and even if you only get a short time in your garden between tearing around and being a great Mum to your sporty boys it will be all the more enjoyable for the effort that you put into it. Love those blues and greens together - my favourite colours for planting.


hockey? done and dusted. Rugby? one more Sunday and then bed. Athletic? abandoned... I thought we were free.... alas we are not. All 3 have taken up cricket which, let's face it, in the ranking of most boring games in the world is pretty high up... sigh... and the games are looong. (Mercifully there's always Pimms!)


Ice cream is not to be sniffed at!


Hmm, I've taken time out from the blog world recently for similar reasons, but spring's sudden arrival lured me back.

I love your grape hyacinths and euphorbias, and as for the duck pile-up, fantastic! Surely one for use in a later CPW? Though quite what it could be I have no idea ... actually having said that, there are quite a few contenders.

nina - tabiboo

That is so funny! All those poor little duckies tumbled over...better luck next time.

Nina x


I think 'the usual' is always worth posting after all ordinary life is what we do.


I second what Sue said.


I know what you mean about the calendar. Things have to be arranged with military precision around here. And there is always that last minute party that throws everything into chaos. Only a week or two more football though, surely then everything will be easier...


Our village has an annual rubber duck race too! Must be the done thing. Who knew?

Did you read Alice's comment on my blog? Here's to the common garden everyday posts!

The Coffee Lady

I had my very first snog at a duck race.

Just so you know.

Alice C

Bah. Coffee Lady has a much more interesting life than me. I just get cold and wet at duck races.


Duck racing! Brilliant. And I ignore my diary, which really doesn't help.

Handmade in Israel

Duck racing! Lol! That looks like such fun.

Jeane M.

Be it serene or hectic everyday life is full of excitement, lesson to learn and moments that makes you smile. Lovely.

Anne Marie

Duck racing. I love it!


I wish we had a village duck race although I suppose it would help if we had a village stream! I love reading the everyday posts - they always inspire me to look a bit closer at what I enjoy in my own day to day life. Lucy xx


I'm sorry the duckies didn't come in with the winnings but, as you say, thank goodness for ice cream!
I've been having a bit of a guffaw over your skiing post, the head planting is quite spectacular I must say and as for your ski jump .. wow!!
Thanks for popping over and admiring my Cardigan! :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

Love a good duck race, never been snogged at one though, that Coffee Lady has all the fun!


I love a duck race and I'm now intrigued by Coffee Lady's life history.


Duck racing ... who knew!
Your ordinary looks lovely.

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