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01 April 2013


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The Coffee Lady

That's you, that last video, isn't it?


Wow! That looks amazing. I have only skiied once about 13 years ago. I would love to go again but think it might be a bit late to learn again in my fifties!

rusty duck

Just look at that sky!! Although I hope you didn't. Not while skiing anyway...


oh my. looks beautiful but I would be far too scared........


Looks heavenly. And yes, I'm certain that's you in the second video. Very impressive!


Wow! I've never been skiing, and I'm sure I've grown too scared of falling over to ever be able to do it now. It looks like a fantastic place to be, though, and I'm sure I'd manage the eating part well!


How fantastic - I'd love to go skiing. My dad first went when he was 60. He was in Davos for work and had a spare couple of days before he flew home. At 31 I feel a bit too old to start now but I suppose it's never too late! x


The Coffee Lady's comment cracked me up. If that IS you in the ski video -- Wow LOL!!! Good for you for trying skiing again! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation -- bruise and all.

My first ski experience was in a college class and it ended with me pulling ligaments, being on crutches for two weeks and out for the ski season -- all without even going on the ski lift! I tried again for my ski-loving hubby on our honeymoon, and although no injury occurred, it was almost as disastrous. Our boys love to ski and I'm looking forward to enjoying some ski vacations with them in the future -- I'll be wielding smaller pointy sticks in front of a cozy lodge fire!


Oh how I miss our yearly white week (as we call it)on the snow! Watching this just reopened my wound.
I'd be great at face planting in the snow, how did I not think about that?!


I used to be a snowboarder. Yes, I did. We went to play in the snow every weekend for three winters and many evenings - and believe me, night skiing in the frozen North Eastern US is not for the fainthearted.

I couldn't even imagine doing it now, though I rather suspect I could eat all the cake.


Glad you had such a fun time!

Alice C

I could just soak up that blue, blue sky. It is the colour of happiness.

Hope the arm is OK now.

Magic Bean

Oh that looks amazing. I'm talking cake here... You will never EVER get me on a pair of skis. Ever. I am way too chicken. Respect to you though. And your lunatic boys.


Yes, my one and only foray was in Japan too about twenty six years ago (shit - was it THAT long ago - my old life!). I really enjoyed it though I was pretty rubbish. I recall the best bit being the onsen after and the hot sake.

Anyway, really ought to try it again. Maybe you've inspired me to think about next Easter ...........

Annie @ knitsofacto

I was about to type 'how jealous am I!' ... and then I remembered that the last time I was on skies was somewhat more than 19 years ago and these days I'd be most likely to end up on my bottom!

It really does look like you all had a fabulous time :D


It all looks so wonderful Ali. I don't mind the snow so much when it is accompanied by a blue sky!


Your description of what happened to you in Japan was exactly what happened to me when I first went skiing in Lake Louise on our honeymoon. I whizzed in a straight line down the mountain, narrowly missing a group of people (who parted a way through for me as they screamed) and I realised too late that I couldn't stop and so was eventually forced to flip over several times before landing in a heap. My husband was horrified (he learnt to ski when he was a child and so it was a complete surprise to him that someone could be quite so inept). I haven't ventured back on to the slopes since then either, but I'm now tempted.

I'm so pleased you had a lovely time. x

French Knots

Despite having a well padded bottom to land on when I fall over I've never fancied skiing, but whizzing along must feel exhilarating.

Hope you'd packed the arnica!


last time I went skiing was when I went on a school trip. So many of my classmates came home in plaster my mother would never let me go again. I would love to give it a go again but at 47?

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