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13 April 2013


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that's lovely - love the idea of a cabinet full of fabric bugs!


That's beautiful! Makes me wish, yet again, that I could sew properly!
I know what you mean about magazines - there's just too many tempting ones on offer!


That is sew cool! (pun intended), and how suitable for an entomologist! I saw these in Crafty and wondered who would.... now I know!

French Knots

Have a look at Mister Finch, lots of amazing insect inspiration for you curiosity cabinet.


Have to say, the fabric bugs caught my eye too; but not enough to make me part with cash for the magazine. That does seem the most appealing of the current bunch, though!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I love this idea! And I'm rather smitten with that magazine :)

(Quaternary entomology eh? I'm fascinated to know more. And you may be one of the few people I know who's able to 'decode' the FLS I am entitled to use after my name!)


Oh Wow! What a brilliant idea.


Love that moth, it is beautiful! Reminiscent of Annamieke Mein, going to find her book in the bookshelf.


love it! must not buy any magazines, must not buy any magazines, must not buy any magazines...........

Magic Bean



oh no, another one I'm going to have to resist.....


I don't usually buy magazines, I have nowhere to keep them after reading and I have to admit that pages and pages of Converse really put me off. BUT - I love what you have done with some fabric scraps, they are really very good and I look forward to seeing your cabinet of curiosities develop.


that is gorgeous!! love the flutterby... (a much nicer name for the things, in my books)

What's the mag like? worth it? I can't find a copy 'round here...


Lovely... you must check out the work of Mr Finch http://www.mister-finch.com/


I love your moth. I too have fallen for this magazine!


And which species do we have here? It looks pretty spectacular to me - love the colours you chose.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

I've curbed my magazine habit by reading blogs that are just as inspiring and tend to be more reliable regarding instructions (and bloggers are happy to report that things didn't go quite to plan). Love your moth and may have to make one to go in my cabinet of curiosities.


So lovely! and I couldn't help reading the book behind it - what is it? Lucy xx


Stunning creation.


I loved Crafty as well. And what an amazing moth, he really is fantastic. I am interested to see what comes next. A group of these would look stunning together I think. Wonder if I could make one...


A quarter of my final degree papers were on entomology. This moth makes me very happy. Cabinets of curiosities have cropped up a fair few times for me in recent months. Funny how that happens sometimes.

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