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30 April 2013


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Pity we went from freezing to boiling in just a couple of days here ...


still not warm enough!

But I'm not complaining... now that I'm British I'm entitled to moan...


Oh these are the best colours - that mid blue of the muscari, acid green and soft yellow. They're exactly what the last week or two has been about.


It is certainly different with the flowers all blooming at the same time.


That does look sweet. I am just about to plant bulbs ready for next spring, as a way to make sure it really does come back again. Enjoy your turn with it.

rusty duck

Blue is my favourite spring colour.


Another beautiful collage. And I couldn't agree more about spring -- it's finally here and it's lovely. Just hoping we don't zip to summer too quickly!




yep, delayed gratification is always a good thing. Love your April collage Ali, blues and greens and growth and blue skies and your very own cookie monster - perfect!


Beautiful pictures. I must work out how to do one of these! I can really feel spring in your collection of photos.

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