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11 March 2013


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so fun!!


I was wondering how they would turn out, they did look like such a fun knitting project -fun to wear too I expect.

Magic Bean

I LOVE these. Where can the wool be found? My ma needs to make me some asap, Ax

The List Writer

Oh, you know how much I love these - and they look PERFECT with my tea towel! Am SO going to have to knit some...

janet clare

love love love your socks. Didn't love the underground so much on Friday night...


How funny, I was in London last week and thinking about how much I love the tube. I think it's what I miss most about home. Your socks are wonderful - I NEED some too!

CWP pics sent today - my email is being erratic so let me know if they fail to get through.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. Have to have that yarn. Not that I can knit socks yet, but they are socks to die for!!!

Nikki x


Haha, brilliant!

rusty duck

Oh, those socks are great!
Perfect colours..


This made me smile, partly because I feel the same about the tube and partly because I saw that skein on pinterest a while ago but when I clicked through to etsy it had sold. To you, it transpires! How lovely.


I love subways, too. I always feel excited when I ride one, like I'm on my way to some place big. Can you tell I don't spend much time in cities?

Love the socks! Even more, I love the idea of a wash line of socks. Please post pix!



Wow, just wow! I really wish I could knit socks! I hope they are as comfy as they look.


So exciting to see them all finished up--they look amazing! And what a great idea for an art installation. Do let me know if you need any more socks for hanging! K x


They are so cool! I must've missed that conversation about the tea towel! I'm completely re-inspired to knit socks again. I'm awaiting yarn delivery today and will be buying smaller needles today on Kristina's recommendation ...

Vintage Jane

I absolutely adore those socks ... if only I could knit! I love the excitement of the tube too, although I find it slightly scary too ...


Freedom. Excitement. Adventure. Fun. London on the Underground! I spent 18 months living in outer London when I was 20/21 and that is what those colours now mean to me. Great socks!


They are great! And make sure you peg your socks up securely because I can imagine some of them might decide to take themselves for a bit of a wander!


That is just about the best sock yarn ever! And the finished socks look fabulous.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

Love the socks, though not quite so excited by the underground.


These socks are amazing. I absolutely love the stripy-ness of them and the colours are so vibrant and happy! Wish I had the nerve to try my hand at sock knitting (I hate knitting on DPNs).


WOW!! I think I need some of this yarn. I think some gloves would be fantastic!

Nina - Tabiboo

They are brilliant! I've always loved the colourful spaghetti strands of the underground map and your socks look fabulous...very colour coordinated.

Nina x


oh they look just fantastic! colourful socks = happy feet!

rusty duck

Oh yes, I really like those!

lucy locket

Fabulous socks Ali! xx


Oh WOW!!! I LOVE those socks -- they're gorgeous! I'm thinking I need some of that yarn too -- what a fun project!


love them.

Haven't started mine yet as my knitting mojo has disappeared at the moment (my sewing mojo is in overdrive however. They seem to be mutually exclusive. Sadly)

Please we NEED to see pictures of your hanging sock line. Genius.


These are probably the best socks ever.x

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Ali, your Underground socks are fabulous! I too love the Tube and miss it hugely even though it can drive one up the wall on occasions! Just wish sock- knitting was not beyond me! E x


Genius, Ali.


Absolutely gorgeous!


I never fail to be delighted by self striping yarn. Those are particularly fabulous.


Please, pleeease put the pattern and what size needles and where to get that spectacular wool on your blog! Have never knitted socks but your post has inspired me!


Love these socks! How cool are they!


One word ......... awesome :-)

Annie @ knitsofacto

Slowly but surely I am being persuaded by my fellow bloggers that knitting socks might not be so bad after all. Okay, so you have to make two, but when it's two hits of stripy loveliness ... if I develop a sock knitting addiction I'm blaming you ;)


Love these!


These are great! The tube map is so inspirational x

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