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05 March 2013


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My pictures say I like cake.


Good luck to your budding photographer and how lucky he has you as an inspiration.


My pictures say my life is a bit out of focus!


It is great that your boys have an interest in photography as you do Ali. I am not sure what my pictures say about me - I need to think on that one.


My pictures say I spend far too much time contemplating flowers and feet! K x


Much like Kristina, without the feet.


Mine say I have no ability but simply focus on the subject - day to day life and my children!


My pictures say that I need to spend more time picking up junk from my living room floor.


My pictures are too telling about my love of yarn. I am very much looking forward to another round of compound wording!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Lately my pictures mostly seem to say 'there's no light and it keeps raining so I'm not getting out'. Please can we have the sun back now!

French Knots

My pictures say 'she's a grumpy old bag and has given up' as I've hardly taken a picture all year!
In the unlikely event that you are short of people I'd love to join in again but I had a go in the last round.

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