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04 March 2013


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I can't tell you the reward for those socks, but they sure are gorgeous. I LOVE the colors and stripes -- VERY pretty!


Wow. Just wow.

(I must know whose feet are whose.)


Oh, I want to know who they all were too. I know of one blogger who spent time with others on Saturday...


What a wonderful gift to you all... I was trying to work out whose feet belonged to whom too!


I have barely taken mine off. They are my new bedsocks. Such a wonderful day - such fabulous company!


My foot is the very wide pink one and I'm getting a bit freaked out now by seeing it everywhere I go today! What a fabulous day it was and many thanks for the lift Ali.


Oh, there is that beautiful sock picture again. I adore it, something about it gives me a big bunch of happies. So glad you are all able to spend time with each other.


It was indeed a cracking day! I continue to be so grateful for the friendships I've made through blogging. And just think of the sock yarn a lottery win would buy! K x


I'm giggling at your freshly washed eggs! Wot? You don't like chicken poo and bits of straw for the authentic egg bowl look?!
It was the very best of days. Thank you for coming xx

lucy locket

Wow! Knitting that many pairs of socks as gifts definitely earns huge karmic reward! I'm a terrible friend and only knit socks in dk weight wool for friends because they don't take as long as 4ply! Lucy xx


the rich rewards of friendship are so wonderful indeed xxx


Those socks are pure joy. Eggs that come out with dates on? Now,that's clever!!!


It was a wonderful day, my cheeks have only just stopped aching from all the smiling!

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