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06 February 2013


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rusty duck

I've just hit the print button...
Thank you Laura and Ali. Jx


...and now I really feel like I need to make another batch. Even the uncooked dough was a treat.



I, on the other hand, wasn't inspired to cook at all. We had meatballs and chips for dinner. ehm ehm.... shhhhh


Fifty minutes ago I read this post. I now have a batch of 17 cookies cooling on a wire rack... I just couldn't resist!


Now I've seen this recipe twice I think they'll be some baking going on here at the weekend! x


I love these cookies - my favourite recipe from the HB book.


Yummy! Off to buy the Hummingbird Bakery book.....


Oh they sound delicious! Not good for my diet though :o( I could really eat 10 right now!!!


I make something similar to these all the time. SO YUM!!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Eek, I'm supposed to be on a diet ... you've done for me now!


So why did I find this on the first day of the 2 day diet? This is going to be torture! Still, I am allowed milk so perhaps I can pretend the cookies. Mmmmm.


they sound awfully good Ali, I'm off to dig in the cupboard for the jar of peanut butter that I'm sure is lurking at the back!

The Coffee Lady

I'm suspicious of peanut butter in biscuits. I'm sure you're right, though.

Jeane M.

Perfect! Cookies on jar just run out and those bunch of munchies makes me crave to have my cookie jar filled with those.

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Oh my! im craving for cookies when i first looking at your blog it looks delicious, and i appreciate it very much tahnks for this yummy blog! :D

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Now I've seen this recipe twice I think they'll be some baking going on here at the weekend! thanks for this!

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