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05 February 2013


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Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

Haha Your picture of Reggie made me smile.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Love the hat but er, clearly that isn't a view shared by Reggie! Something tells me the gloves may be off his claws now! Give the banisters a wide berth! E x


His expression is brilliant !


ohhh check out the way his looking at you... you know he's going to get his own back!!

(ginger car don't forget, my mum has one the size of a baby hippo and he's a mean so and so)


CAT CAT... not ginger car... doh. I need a cup of coffee

Nina - Tabiboo

Awwww - gingertom! Or should I say 'I'm not ginger I'm strawberry blond!'

Not amused most definitely, but ever so gorgeous nontheless.

Nina x


Our ginger cat used to ambush us on the landing or as we passed through doorways. It took careful planning to get past unscathed.


Hahaha -- you're too funny! I'm in need of revenge myself -- perhaps I should knit a little cap and pop it on my local git LOL! (Very, very cute hat!)

rusty duck

Oh love the hat. Never mind the baby, I'd have one for me.
Revenge is sweet Reggie!


Ali, I am a little worried about you, because, HE WILL BE AVENGED!

but the hat is adorable.


ha! just brilliant. I've knitted several of those hats, although never in a day! never occurred to me to use a ginger model, we have two....

Magic Bean

Ha! Revenge is sweet...


Such a fantastic photograph Ali! You are in serious trouble now though...

Annie @ knitsofacto

You've heard of the evil eye now haven't you, only 'pained expression' doesn't quite cover that. Can I suggest you don full body armour until he forgets ;)


He looks as if he is out to get you!

Jo Carter

Poor Reggie - the less cheery 'Cat in the Hat'!

Can I ask where you got the pattern for the hat from as one of my friends is nearing her due date and I'd love to have a go at making her baby one, it's brilliant.


Gorgeous hat, gorgeous cat :-). I'm impressed he sat with it on long enough for you to get a picture! My cats still think that something-through-the-banisters (or on the banisters for that matter) is prey, even if it looks like a largely inedible foot or hand..


Great hat... especially on Reggie!

Patricia Helliwell

Great cat, great hat!!

A Cat From London

Best model ever!


He doesn't half look cross!

Laurel @ Miss Muggins

ha ha! This really made me smile. I was expecting to see a less than happy child, or husband or the like!

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