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13 February 2013


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Ahh...you put lemon and sugar on your pancakes? I've done that since I was a kid and people have always thought I was crazy. Until they taste them! Nice to see I'm not alone...


Love this post!


Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh ... that was funny and SO true. How many times do we see something and get that type of result ... but it's fun to try, isn't it?


Pinterest Fail! You probably need a thicker American style batter. I love pancakes rolled up with lemon, sugar, sultanas and pieces of butter just like my mum made them.


I would always go for the traditional lemon and sugar, nicer than anything else.


On seeing the very pretty lacy pancakes my first thought was "They wouldn't be very filling!"
We went for American pancakes for a change with blueberries and maple syrup.


Those lacy pancakes do look pretty but given the choice I'd pick yours any day - much more satisfying for the tum! Looking forward to seeing your film x


Brilliant, that made me laugh. Somebody else always makes it look easy. Bet her first attempt didn't look like that.


The lacy pancakes are cute, but no good for holding lemon and sugar (or jam, or nutella...) Definitely a case of style over substance.


I love that you have shown a real life experience - it made my husband (just passing) and I laugh like drains, thank you :D

Nina - Tabiboo

I think it looks fab all the same. I did giggle though.

Nina x


In our house round pancakes are a serious achievement in themselves! Thankfully they taste just as nice when filled with lemon and sugar.

rusty duck

I'm just happy with a pancake that doesn't end up on the floor...


well done for giving it a go! one look and I know I wouldn't even have been ablr to get the batter in the squeezy bottle without making a mess.


Garlands! Garlands! Me likey!

And as Sue says, I think the American batter is the answer. We make lots of shapes with ours (though not as fancy as the ones you tried) - initials and shapes and so on. And snowmen.

They look like a fancy version of funnel cake, which is one of the few things that make me nostalgic for my time as a postdoc in North Carolina.


That made me laugh, that would be the same if I tried it!


That's exactly how mine would end up. Greed is entirely appropriate when it comes to pancakes.

Avril Horn

Thanks for starting a dismal day with a great laugh! I'm sure yours tasted better.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

Greed over style any day and pretty as the pancakes looked, it's mandatory to eat them with lemon and sugar isn't it?

The Coffee Lady

I don't think my family would have been impressed with laciness. Maybe to look at - but pancakes take so long anyhow, don't they? It took about an hour to feed us all.


Heehee! 10/10 for effort though! I ended up succumbing to some teenage whining to have pancakes for breakfast (for him, not me). I'm a good mother in spite of all he would say about me!
And it's lemon and sugar all the way here.


big and round is much better! x


I am grateful that you did the experiment as I am certain mine would look like yours!


so... I'll take it you won't be bringing fancy pancakes next month?

(same arrangement as last year?)


fantastic idea!


Love the lacy pancakes... and the new blog look is brill! I've been reading too much in Google reader where all blogs are alike. I must get out and visit the people's houses more!

Annie @ knitsofacto

With lemon juice and sugar is the only way!


I'm a lemon and sugar girl too - but it would drip out of the lacy holes so I reckon you're on a winner with your round pancakes. Lucy xx

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