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20 February 2013


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It's definitely Monica's fault, I keep seeing lost items too! Gloves are the most numerous and understandable but I'm a bit baffled by the number of socks I see considering the recent weather.


With me, it is shoes. I wonder how they get where they do?


I'm always losing one glove! Usually same hand so can't even wear an odd pair!


Have you read The Room of Lost things by Stella Duffy? I thought it was wonderful.

lucy locket

I was rather alarmed to pass a pair of underpants when out on a walk in the fields.........


Too freaky- I used to teach a boy called Harry House... Could it be the same one??? I am so glad you are photographing lost things- it will boost their confidence no end. But please. If you find lost pants in the field just keep walking. Have a great weekend, Ax


Have you found my gloves? Have you? Because I have lost every single pair and believe me, an hour's lunch duty on a cold playground with no gloves is very close to hell on earth.

Lynne Kovan

What a fun idea. I love it!


They do look so very forlorn, don't they?


And Harry House's Mum is going to be so mad. All that care she took to label his clothes...

marijke goudzwaard

Just this day I saw the childrens gloves wich are lost in or out the hospital I am visiting for my my husband in Antwerp.
They were lying on a bench in the parking corridor.
Tomorrow I am going to do this and also I am going to make a booklet for my shoppinglists I have found in the years. It is amazing to see who made this, young and old, rich and poor.

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