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15 January 2013


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Two Christmasses ago, I found someone's shopping list in my trolley. It was full of lovely things and created a very beautiful picture of what their Christmas was going to be like. I've kept it and put it in one of my Christmas cookery books to make me smile every year. (Hope that doesn't make me sound too weird!)

I've been to the Whole Food in Kensington and it's great. The restaurant/cafe place is amazing - so many choices and everything looks so fresh. Brilliant for the occasional treat! x

a touch of domesticity

Jealous! The only thing that has come close for me is when I started shopping with ocado a month ago. My husband has such a laugh at how excited I get. Seriously - I even danced. What would my teenage self think of me if she could see me do giddy over bags of organic produce? Good job she's long gone!


I love finding people's shopping lists, too! They're usually as mundane as mine, but it's fun to get that glimpse into someone else's life.

I have to be careful about going to Whole Foods--I could spend my monthly food budget on just one trip! Oh, but the produce is so beautiful, and everything smells so good ... Hard to resist!



If you fancy another 60 mile trip to the supermarket I'd be quite happy to help you lob more random food items into your trolley.


Wow, 'Whole Paycheck' is all the way over there? I have one not too far from my work. I like to pop in for lunch on occasion. I especially love the soups. It is a fun experience, but I can't imagine buying all my weekly groceries there. I'd be broke for sure!!


I remember feeling excited about the market when Sue blogged about it... and wished there was one close by. Probably good for my purse that there isn't.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Oh, the joy of someone else's shopping list, although I'm always left with the question, why do mine seem to be longer than most folks?

I am lucky to have a proper farm shop in the village ... carrots/sprouts etc. that I can see being picked in the morning will be in the shop in time to buy for supper. And what they can't grow themselves they buy in from other local farms. It doesn't cost a fortune either! Something I should remember to be grateful for methinks!


it was fun watching you... rather like when I used to take my kids in ToysRUs... if you don't mind me saying!

Always a pleasure meeting you Ali.


Is Daylesford near you - I hear that's a shopping trip worth taking - keep meaning to get there. On a less organic note, I've just discovered Asda instant porridge - it was a risk but it's delicious. A big red tin of yumminess and £1.50 for 25 servings. Much cheaper than oatso whatchamacallit....


Buying psychological pleasures is a most excellent thing to do. I get that way in really good bookstores, a rare beast too.

rusty duck

Oh I'm so envious. It would be a day trip for me...
But I do have that supermarket that has a shopping list clip on its trolley, so it could be worse!


I can totally relate - both to the attraction of someone else's list (what IS that last item?) and to the experience you had in Whole Foods - I'd be like that, I'm sure. I'm bad enough in Waitrose or the Farmers' Market...

UK lass in US

I didn't even know that they had a Whole Foods in Cheltenham. I must admit, I haven't even tried the ones over here yet, though: too busy trying to keep Fresh and Easy going (they have a British Foods section, that is cheaper than the import stores. Whole Foods looks nice, but doesn't have squash and proper baked beans...)


Haha, Whole Foods is top of my To Visit list 2013! Sadly, a couple in London but not near me. Which may be a blessing!


I so want to visit there - I can completely understand you driving 60 miles to go! It is definitely well worth it when you travel home again full of enthusiasm!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I too love finding other people;s shopping lists - it's the handwriting combined with the peek into someone else's kitchen I think! What i love especially is finding a list of very ordinary things written in beautiful writing - beautiful because the way the letters are formed is beautiful rather than with any consciousness of being a work of art or anything! After all it's a shopping list we're talking about! Whole Foods sounds a must get to place. I too read Sue's post and salivated! E x


ha, how funny, I have literally just finished unpacking my delicious brown paper Wholefoods bags having just got back from a visit. I live about 20 minutes away and met a friend for coffee. We stayed for four hours.Hmm.So am now settling down with a cup of tea, a slice of cranberry and walnut sourdough toast and avoiding the online bank statement..glad you had a great time, and no, definitely not madness to drive 60 miles, well worth it I would say!x

The Coffee Lady

When I used to go on Mumsnet many years ago they were obsessed with found shopping lists, news of which would be greeted with greedy hysteria.


I love Wholefoods - whenever I am in London I try to get to the one in Kensington High Street but if I can't get there I can at least get to the new on in Soho...here in Scotland I have to amuse myself with visits to Waitrose (as the only Wholefoods is on the far side of Glasgow and 90 miles just seems a little far).

I agree the psychological boost is a winner everytime!


I've only been to Whole Foods in the States - they call it whole paycheque. I think they've got a point.


A trip to Whole Foods is my birthday present to myself. YUM!


I saw Sue's post and I totally understand why you made that journey. I'm a little envious - I expect it was inspiring creatively as well as culinarily. So glad it gave you a boost.


Sherbets, every shopping list needs them :)


Amazing, I too love others lists and, possibly rather sadly, keep them! Ok, maybe a bit stalker ish!

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