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20 January 2013


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I want to watch your movie but it says private!


This is fab! I'd like to use short films like this when I'm teaching to record the children's work.
I love the crunch of the snow. It's a lovely sound! x

Kashi Griffith

That was great!


Yay, I can see it now. Loved the sledging sequence, I was shouting at the dog to get out of the way.


What fun... my snow time has consisted of staying in and baking. It feels a little odd to go sledging without children, much as I would like to.


what fun! we had to contend with dogs when we were sledging too, they were chasing everyone! love your sledges, we had my old wooden one from when I was little, and a dingy that the bottom had popped out of so it was just a huge oval tube. Very fast and scary!

rusty duck

Brilliant. Love the jaunty music too!

UK lass in US

I'm trying not to be jealous. I think this might be the first year that I don't even get to pop up into the local mountains for a quick snow fix (elderly dog needs to be kept calm for health reasons, so dog sitters are out). I have heard that it once snowed here in the 1930s, though, so I'm not giving up hope yet (even if it is 80 degrees out...)

janet clare

as inspiring as ever! I've been thinking about adding some video to my website for ages now, maybe a time capsule course is the thing for me too!


Beautiful moments.
Love from Mum

French Knots

What a perfect way to remember.
We only got our snow this morning, so have squeezed in some fun before school.


Very fun! I'm very impressed! I wouldn't even know where to start to make a movie. I've been thinking I should try to learn though -- it looks like great fun.


what a wonderful movie Ali perfectly capturing the magic of family time in the snow x


What lovely crunchy snow - ours has turned to mush! And a great video I loved the "move dog!" bit! xx

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Love this Ali! Way to go, girl! Love the in transit sense of exhilaration you get on the downhill sections! E x


I wish I had been on the sled! Looks like great fun!!!


LOVE the green snow gear.... very groovy! (I love saying groove just to embarrass my children who then ask me if we used to say it in the olden days!!)

Did you edit the movie in imovie? I must ask No 1 to teach me.

(btw snowing heavily again here!)

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