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07 January 2013


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janet clare

It is a shame to say goodbye to the nesting and complete rest that the Christmas holidays bring. I have a tendency to over- schedule and plan the other school hols and so we keep busy and bustling. But I just let Christmas 'be' and we all slow down to nothing- which is wonderful but makes joining the real world a bit hard.
A scented cloud would be a real comfort.


Ah, pretty, they look so restful :-). I went to a Powerhoop class and a Metafit class this morning and now I'm just sleeeeepy - so much for achieving stuff!


These are beautiful. Happy new year to you!

a touch of domesticity

Oh Ali, those clouds are lovely. Good luck with your month of accomplishments - it's my favourite thing about January, that urge to organise and improve that follows you around all day and actually translates into organising and improving. Long may it last! Still, I'm sat at the computer writing this rather than tidying the playroom that currently looks like a tidal wave has recently hit it. Perhaps I should turn the computer off and go rescue some playmobil!


they're so pretty - have had a productive day of counting beans and sorting receipts. not very pleasurable but I do feel a strange sense of achievement.


What a lovely idea. 6 am is so much easier when it gets light but a struggle at the moment.


I love your clouds of perfume, I just showed my daughter and she asked for Rosemary clouds.. Happy new year.

Nina - tabiboo

They are ever so lovely though I know what you mean about not having trouble going to sleep - it was with such a slump I dragged myself out of bed this morning to start the school routine again.


They're gorgeous!

Vanessa Goreham

Love the lavender clouds!

Vanessa x

rusty duck

Now those are the sort of clouds that I like.

French Knots

and lovely labels too!

The Coffee Lady

Oh, those are very pretty. I did have a project of my own for an ambitious patchwork cloud cushion for a family member's Christmas present - until Mr Coffee pointed out quite rightly that a) I was setting the bar way too high in the last week of December and b) the recipients were far too traditional to have any truck with fancy-shaped cushions.

Yours are just lovely.


oh those are quite brilliant ! so far all I've made since the children started back to school are lots of cups of tea, and a to do list. nothing appears to be getting crossed off.


The clouds are delightful. I would love to drift off with them!


I love your clouds--they're awfully pretty, and I bet they smell divine.

I like this time of year, too--after late December's leisurely days in PJs, all the New Year energy and lots of lists of big projects and big goals and lots of enthusiasm. Hope it lasts until February!



they are soooo lovely! The fabric is perfect.

(although what I need is a 'wake-up' cloud)

Sew Create It - Jane

We had our first early start yesterday and by 9 am I was in a foul mood and I can only guess it was due to being awoken by an alarm clock for the first time in 2 weeks. I handled it better this morning :-P

I miss our lazy mornings... But you are right nothing gets done.


These are perfect Ali. Do I spy Domesticali labels? Are these going to be sold somewhere?

Hamilton Courtney

They look lovely.

I work at the white company (it's a nice shop in England) and for Christmas I bought all my family expensive lavender pillow mist. If they like it and it helps em sleep, I'll be sure to do something like these! We have lavender growing in the garden and it won't take long to dry. Plus they're beautiful!

Happy new year, take care.



loafing and january are tantamount here. The long, hot days where the sun rises before 5am and slips over the horizon after 7.30 are perfect for being slow and lazy. I really love those clouds.....wishing I had a entire day to sew without interruptions. In the aircon, with a cool ice tea....half a day...a quarter of a day.


They're lovely - pretty and purposeful. Now I'm back at uni I'm not finding it difficult to sleep (despite the long list of things going rond and round in my head), it's more difficult to bounce up and be motivated. Only 72 days until holidays! x


Restful sleep and scented linens both sound lovely. Love the labels too! K x


Wow, I am so glad to have found your blog and started peeking back through your posts! I had a baby in November and whilst pregnant - indeed, still now - we have we have been doing up a clapped out house so nesting had to be minimal. What it has included is a small collection of cloud items for when she finally has a room.
Anyway, enough about me, what I was meaning to say is I also love clouds and these that you have made are beautiful!

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