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11 January 2013


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Ain't that the truth.


With such common sense it was probably Mary Poppins. Love the yellow!

rusty duck

Sometimes it does pay to let the thoughts mull over a bit. 'Sleep on it' can be very good advice too.

I am sitting here with the very same catalogue on my desk. How weird.


I have one of those letters to write, and I keep putting it off. Maybe I'm ready now? I'll let you know!



Little steps work Ali... and I'm sure it was Mary Poppins!


wise words.

(I think Aristotle would have liked Mary Poppins, a lot)

(I received the same catalogue. I don't think pink jeans are really me... but I want a pair. And the metallic loafers. Sigh. See you soon!!)


Mary Poppin's is underestimated as one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century.

She has the perfect answer for everything, but I find the most important rule to stick by in life is 'with every job that must be done there is an element of fun'.

I think you deserve a spoonful of sugar - in tea, cake or whatever will make the letter writing experience taste better! x


keep putting one foot in front of the other sounds like very sage advice to me x


Good advice here. I've been plucking up the courage to write a letter too. I need to take both yours and Val's advice and just do it.


So sorry to hear some tough jobs have had to be done.
I'm finding my seed catalogues and that mental quilt are banishing my January blues. How're your plans for this years cut flowers going? There's another course in March that I'm interested in going to if you're interested?
(Hmmm, two 'interested' in one sentence there!!!)


Putting words on paper is so difficult sometimes but I'm glad that you found capturing them and having a job done was liberating. The socks are lovely and definitely a good way to banish the winter blues x


Such cheery socks! And I know just what you mean about letters. I find it so hard to get started, but once I do, I always wonder why it took so long. Thank you again so much for the lovely letter you sent me. K x


I've just found your lovely blog via Nina's of Tabiboo. I love this post and conjured up an image in my mind of a butterfly catching net catching all those words you needed to capture onto paper. Your cheerful sock is just the thing for these January blues xox Penelope


Happy New Year Ali! Your solitary sock looks very familiar - there are too many of them here - maybe 2013 should be my year of knitting the second sock? Lucy xx


Letters. I am utterly rubbish at writing letters. My handwriting is illegible these days,m but that's a poor excuse. I'm sorry you've had a couple of tough ones to write recently, but I am relieved for you that you have managed them.

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