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25 January 2013


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It's too orangey for me -remember that Kia Ora advert?
Gorgeous orangeness Ali. Here's hoping for some sun soon.


What a beautiful picture of Reggie! He's a sweetie!

The weather forecast has two big round yellow sunshines for tomorrow and Sunday so here's hoping for blue skies and bright daylight.


Marmalade cake sounds just the thing but I have no marmalade, but I do have oranges, so perhaps I'll find a recipe for Orange Cake?

Reggie looks like a wonderful companion, so fluffy.

More snow expected this evening...I am so bored with it now and wish it all gone.


Lovely house-based activities for snowy day. All the better when shared with a cat!

The marmalade looks great. I've made a tipsy trifle for our Burns Night Dinner - with marmalade, orange jelly, mandarin segments and whisky instead of the usual jam and raspberry jelly. Lots of marmalade eaten afterwards!

I'm in the mood to skip jump straight forward to March - and usually I'm eager to enjoy February as it's my birthday month.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

I know exactly how you feel about the leaden skies and the snow now seems a bit grey and dirty, not like the brilliant untouched white when it first fall. Your marmalade looks very vibrant and I'm sure the smell must have lifted your spirits too - so much more enticing than the smell of chutney cooking.


Just LOOKING at that marmalade is a tonic. I expect making it and eating it were further boosts. I've been feeling the effects of the flat, grey skies too and I saw some Sevilles at the deli the other day. Perhaps I will take the marmalade plunge (it would be the first time for me).


I think we all need to eat more in this weather. Some of my marmalade is destined for a cake this weekend. What a super photo of Reggie.


I fall back on the good old standby of cod liver oil. That, and eating jam straight out of the jar...

Magic Bean

Never mind the cat-flap, I am wondering if I will wake up one morning soon and be unable to fit through the door....

Sew Create It - Jane

The big thaw is suppose to hit this weekend...and hopefully not to far off of that might be some sun! Man could we use a little of that!!!

rusty duck

My jeans already hang forlornly in the wardrobe Ali, and have been since Christmas.
Love those whiskers.


I have two ginger kitties here waiting patiently for the thaw........ they are going stir crazy and being really naughty.......... Love the colour of your marmalade, it's like colour therapy you can eat x


I have never made jam.

I just go to my mum's house and raid her pantry. (she says eating a croissant with 'mum-made blackberry jam without seeds).

Maybe this year I'll try.


Fabulous bright and sunny pics Ali! And your cat - that is such a brilliant photo! I bet he's been going stir crazy with this weather! But at least it's much better this morning - even a little sunshine too although it's got to go a bit of a way before it gets up to the standard of your marmalade! E x


So tempted to make some marmalade this year. I haven't done so for the last three or so. Time, I think.

walter and me

Just love those cheery jars of marmalade. I must get making! Love pic of Reggie too, there's something special about ginger moggies. Stay warm!


Love all the orange! It's the perfect color for this time of year

Funny, yesterday I found I was really craving salad, though I eat it all the time and until a few days ago we had lettuce growing in our garden. Still, the desire was strong, and I do think it had something to do with the weather and lack of sun, etc. Funny how our bodies tell us what we need, if we'll only listen!



Orange marmalade and orange marmalade cat - perfect.


Lots of lovely oranges, especially the lovely Reggie. I love the sound of that glazed marmalade cake!


Orange is definitely a good colour for now, warming and sunshiney and a good antidote to the dull days of late. Hope you get some sun on your skin soon xxx


I hope you saw some sunshine today Ali. We had fresh snow and sunshine here - it felt so good to feel the sun on my skin. The cold weather just makes me want to eat too - marmalade cake sounds perfect.

A Cat From London

What a lovely ginger face is Reggie's!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I can't remember when I last ate marmalade! We don't really eat that many preserves and I always seem to make too many jellies and jams in the autumn. Mind you, I've been craving lemon curd, for exactly the same reasons. Not that I'm complaining, the sun shone today! Hope it shone on you too :D

Thanks for the get well wishes Ali, much appreciated m'dear!


Yum, cake! Gorgeous photos Ali. Hope you get to see the sun soon.


Wonderful orangeness Ali! Hope you don't get stuck in the catflap! Lucy xx


What an adorable picture of your cat! Your baking looks yummy too. Does Reggie get upset when he has to share the cat flap with you?


I love his beautifully spotted nose. Gorgeous.

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