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04 January 2013


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Ours came down on Sunday. I don't seem to be able to cope with decorations once Christmas Day has gone -they lose their charm I think. I still have candles burning on the mantelpiece though.


love the cup wreath...are there instructions?


I've just posted about keeping our fairy lights out!
The house will feel so empty when everything comes down. We've only had the decorations out since the 17th and it feels like they've been up for months! x

just Gai

I'm not looking forward to taking our tree and lights down on Sunday. A couple of years ago we left a chain of lights up over the fireplace and they're still there casting their warm glow over the room.


Last year I left some Belle and Boo winter postcards out until about Easter when the OH insisted I take them down doh. This year everything is already packed away bar one paper star hanging in the passage, lets see how long I can leave that there :-)

rusty duck

I like the idea of leaving twinkly lights somewhere... now, where?


I'm the same, kept fairy lights up in my bedroom. Flatmate wouldn't let me keep up the giant cardboard Santa in the hall ...


I'm going to miss the wonderful smell. It's been so magical. It's off to the shredder tomorrow. Fairy lights are staying in the conservatory though!


I wouldn't take down the puffs, either, Ali! They're quite fab! Happy New Year!


Ours comes down tomorrow...but I don't know about the stars. I may leave them up a little longer.


oh that is far too colourful and gorgeous to come down. in fact I want one of my own!

French Knots

I left the fairy lights up in the kitchen a few years ago and they have been there ever since, winter evenings are long and their glow cheers me up.


I think the pom pom garland should stay up. After a lot of hard work, it deserves a permanent place. And yes, there is always something marvellous about the space one suddenly has after Christmas!


I think ours are coming down today. Our house is too little and crammed to ever feel airy (we had to put furniture in the shed to even fit in a tree), so my one rule is that when the decorations come down I *need* a vase of flowers or foliage otherwise it is just too grim for words!

Nina - tabiboo

Huge big sigh! Ours came down yesterday, but I've left a little bit of twinkle up....for a while.

Nina x


This made me laugh as I've left up the fairy lights in our conservatory and a couple of wicker stars that looked very at home hanging from my newly decorated dresser.

The Coffee Lady

Oh I like those red round ones - are they of your creation?

Annie @ knitsofacto

I can see why the pompoms have stayed, they're so cheerful. I still have the fairy lights up that are draped around the patio doors ... and I usually leave them up until March or so. We need all the light we can get these gloomy winter days!


I don't think I would be able to make myself take the pompoms down either.

Happy new year

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