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30 December 2012


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I love these photos!

Happy 2013!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Haha ... I just made the same resolution while trying to sort mosaics of my own to post tomorrow!

Happy New Year Ali :D


13 is my lucky number, too! hope the new year is fabulous for both of us! :)


Happy New Year! K x


me too, but I gave up half way through....my photo storage is a disaster of folders in folders in folders....
Looking forward to seeing where you stand in 2013


looking forward to see where your feet take you in 2013!

I need to resolve to take more photos as well as store them properly!


What a great idea to photograph where your feet are :)
I've been reading your blog for a while now but not commented before so I just wanted to thank you sharing your life with us.
All good wishes for the New Year.


Love these, Ali. I am a big fan of foot photography too! Looking back over the year in pictures is a lovely idea. I have also had a trawl back through my archives, and posted my twelve favourites here Happy New Year to you. Laura x


Happy New Year!
I've always liked the number 13 because my grandparents lived at house number 13. I'm also going to be 31 next year which as it is the reverse of 13, I'm trying to convince myself is lucky! x

French Knots

I hope 2013 brings us lots of sunny, yellow sandal wearing days. x

rusty duck

It's been a delight finding your blog in 2012.
Happy New Year Ali. Jx


Lovely photos! By the way, I showed the Compound Word Project to my family over Christmas, so its fun extended right to the end of 2012!
Happy New Year!


happy new year Ali - you have the best taste in shoes!


Happy New Year Ali!


Clever! love this.


Happy new one, Ali. I'm so envious of those yellow sandals. xx

just Gai

Your 2012 feet brought a smile to my face. Happy New Year!


So cool! I am a bit the same on the photo organising! Happy new year.


I got married on the 13th.. so a big cheer for me too.

Let's make it a good one.


Happy Feet and Happy New Year!!!


I have a little bit of a thing for the number thirteen too. Hope 2013 is a year filled with peace, contentment and organised photos...

Alice C

Happy New Year - wishing you exciting new adventures in 2013!


Love it! Happy new year!


Ha - Happy New Year! I just inherited an old Macbook so I am enjoying proper blog browsing and commenting (on my very own machine!!!) for the first time in about 18 months. Bliss!


I hope your feet finding lots of interesting places to stand in 2013! Happy New Year!

Jo x


Happy New Year Ali. Sorry I haven't had time to comment more, but I do visit regularly - looking forward to your 2013 projects.

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