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20 December 2012


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I understand exactly what you mean about the little things... and I'm trying very hard not to stress about the bigger picture!


Like you Ali,I have let go of a lot of the things that feel like a duty. I realise now, this second post-primary school Christmas, that my children's primary school was one of the biggest sources of stress. I sent just six, SIX, cards this year. Like you too I have not managed to let go of over-provisioning, but then I enjoy that! I didn't want to pay the £7 delivery charge for a Christmas slot so I nabbed the last day before they began -yesterday. Am trying not to get started on the booze just yet.

Lovely bokeh photo of your tree by the way.

rusty duck

I love wandering around the garden finding foliage and other bits for natural decorations... if only it would stop raining!


'securing a delivery slot' must be a UK thing. We battle it out, I WISH we had delivery! Ahh, that sounds delightful!


I"m with ^^Kirsten above. Running to the market the week before any holiday requires a helmet and shoulder pads. But then I live in a state where people go nuts if one inch of snow is predicted. You won't find bread, milk or eggs for days after.


So relieved I'm not the only one who replaces sparkly ornament strings! And I completely agree with your less-stress approach.

K x

The Coffee Lady

I have discovered the delight of 'Click and Collect'. You pick your shopping up yourself from a frosty car park, whenever in the two hours that it suits you, and - crucially - it is cheaper and far less popular.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I generally find that it's the little things that bring the most pleasure. Especially those little glasses of something alchofrolic ... plenty of those at Christmas ;)

Oh, a stress free Christmas, wouldn't that be wonderful!


Every year I consider booking a delivery slot too late! But I have also learned to be more relaxed. After all it is just a slightly more elaborate Sunday roast. It's the people that matter. (I have those olive wood decorations!). Happy Christmas!!


I do have my delivery coming tomorrow, but since the cut off time for changes last night I have remembered about 5 things that I'd forgotten to order so will have to brave the shops anyway! Good luck out there in the fray and may you return home laden with everything you need for a very merry, relaxing and special Christmas xxx


Oh yes, click and collect, that's me. Actually I don't have to cook for anybody this Christmas! I can't say I'm sad!


Getting rid of the stressy things gives such freedom. I haven't written one card this year.
Our local Tesco is going to be shut for TWO days, so I will not be going within a mile of it tomorrow!


Merry Christmas Ali, I hope all is calm xxx

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