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26 December 2012


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oh glad you had a good one and survived the invasion!

Are you flopping yet?


I was just thinking I had completely forgotten to take photos of our 'main event'!

French Knots

It's a good sign to be so caught up in enjoying the moment that photos are forgotten - that's what I'm telling myself over the lack of Christmas 2012 pictures here!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Photographing the crispy edges of life ... I like how you think :D

rusty duck

Crispy edges are always the best bit. But I hope that water wasn't as close as it looks.. Jx


i almost never catch a 'big' event well. either i want to be a par of it rather than behind a lens, or i am drawn to the crispy edges too.


What a very cool dude! G took our only pictures this year...

K x

Magic Bean

Crispy. Yes.


I was laughing so much at the children posing with their gifts that all the pictures are out of focus. so not so much crispy bits as fuzzy bits here.....


you put that so well, ali! The crispy bits. My fave.


Love this post. Sums up my own photo taking perfectly. I never have photos of the action as I like being involved. Sometimes, I feel that's a bad thing but your words make it sound perfect.


As usual, you've put it brilliantly. Very few photos here either, and those we have are just a bit silly. Rather like the day itself.

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