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09 December 2012


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rusty duck

I like the new look - very crisp and clean.


Love the new look. And now looking forward to those big photos. I haven't taken a single picture since I stopped blogging--not good.

K x


I agree, very smart and clean. Big pictures are the best kind.
Feeling a bit sad that nobody gave me antlers for my birthday.


I've had a yen for antlers for a while but my birthday came and went - perhaps I'll get lucky in a couple of weeks. We cleaned our living room on Saturday - even the bookshelves and behind the sofas. Love the christmas tree lights.


All looking shipshape here! I've run out of space on my blog because of my big pictures and am now in a quandary about what to do ... pay monthly for the storage perhaps. Hence lack of posting. Who knew?!


Lovely new look.

At first glance I thought the pictures were a new compound word game!


Ooh yes, love the new blogstyle. I'm with Sue - I have antler envy.

French Knots

I like the new look and agree with you on the purging and sprucing prior to decorating - I challenged the children to find 10 things from their bedrooms that they no longer needed and could donate but it backfired as their rooms are even messier now!
I have been cutting out some antlers this morning, busy elving......


Oh yes, it looks very neat and tidy now and I like the idea of larger (and more) pictures.


Very, very nice Ali! I'm very excited to see what the new year will have in store for you. And I had to chuckle at the format of your picture -- side-by-side -- I was very tempted to try to form a compound word! My weekend was like yours too -- the trash man isn't going to be very happy this week!


Ooooh love the new look, especially with the big pictures. Your antlers are rather fab too! Here's to looking forward to lots more lovely pictures from you in 2013!


oh nice!!

you're all spruced up and ready for Christmas!!

we have no tree either if that makes you feel better. And my kids haven't cleared anything. And the days are flying and I'm losing it a bit.

.... I might have a drink right now! cheers.




It looks great!

The Coffee Lady

I like the new look. And I can hook you up with a stuffed head to go with those antlers.

Jo Carter

Great new look and the antlers are fantastic - given the time of year would it be wrong/inappropriate to hang a red nose underneath Rudolph-style?


I was suddenly seized with terror when my old blog haunt looked so different! Looks good and still reads lovely x

Dotty Red

great new look....

Annie @ knitsofacto

Liking the new look very much :D


I feel exactly the same urge for a clear out at this time of year. Spring cleaning passes me by but pre-Christmas cleaning always hits full on, and I love getting the house spruced up ready for the decorations to go up.

Love the new blog look and looking forward to more lovely photos in 2013.


Thomasina Tittlemouse

Love your new look blog Ali! Your photos always look wonderful but in this format they are relaityfnour going to sing. Now why didn't I think of asking for antlers for my birthday? Or even put them on my Christmas wish-list come to think of it?! E x

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Eeeek! Don't know what happened to my typing! Should have read "really going to sing"! E x

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