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21 November 2012


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I used to be out and about all the time but then I realised that usually equated to spending money. I hardly go anywhere now and it suits me very well. Not that I'm not averse to a day out of course!

Your sweater cushion looks great. How odd that the charity shop wouldn't accept it. Sounds like schools not accepting homemade cakes. Surely we all love homemade these days?


WOW...you could say it was worth the wait!


I also think it strange that the charity shop wouldn't accept a jumper! I think it would have felted into a lovely bag too perhaps although the cushion is lovely. The weather is vile here today and I have no wish to venture outside but I have an appointment to keep! x


Very weird about the charity shop... Your gain though, the cushion looks great!


Thanks for the inspiration, AKA a kick up the backside. I have an Aran sweater which I bought in a charity shop 6 years ago. I couldn't bear to see such a beautiful hand knit not being used - I wore it to death then recently felted it with a view to doing something. Like yours, it felted beautifully but inspiration deserted me. You have got me thinking now - and fired up to FINISH SOMETHING!!!


Brilliant Ali! what a lovely way for an unwanted aran jumper to find love again.

I am a little hermit at this time of year - though I did venture out with my nordic walking group yesterday and felt good for the exercise!

Magic Bean

Blanket stitch is about the only one I can actually do. I have cushion envy. It really is quite marvellous.


I love the cushion - fantastic!


I know exactly what you mean about wanting to stay home - I'm just the same. And I've got to go out and drive over 70 miles tonight to give a talk which is when I really don't like my job. The cushion is lovely.


staying in and making such lovely things can only be a good thing x

Diktynna Warren

What a gorgeous cushion you have made from the jumper!


I always was a homebody and have now become positively hermit like. It may have tipped over into something not so good. I may not care.

Excellent cushion.


The cushion is lovely! I've had a little stack of sweaters that have been awaiting felting for ages. Must stop procrastinating and finish something too. And know what you mean about being more content at home. K x

Annie @ knitsofacto

Agreed on both counts! I need to get out every day or I go a little stir crazy, but only for long enough to get some air and exercise, otherwise I'm happy to be at home.

Your cushion looks so comfy, in a delightfully rustic way! The things that have slipped to the bottom of my to do list are legion ... so true that it would be good to actually finish something!

rusty duck

I think the weather has worn us all down this year.

I've always been an outdoor person too, and avid gardener. For the first time this year, I've lost the plot so to speak.

Love your cushion. Especially with it's fringe..


I've definitely gone into hibernation today and as the rain lashes down outside, I've snuggled up in my armchair getting on with some Christmas knitting.

Mind you, I'm now desperate to get out for a long walk tomorrow!

I love your cushion - such a great way to give new life to a lovely piece of handknitting.


The Coffee Lady

It's very, very beautiful indeed.

If I got less outdoorsy than I was when I was young, I would be just about bricking my doors up by now.


it's totally totally fab!!

staying at home if much under-rated in my opinion.

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