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26 November 2012


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That is a brilliant idea. I might try and find a suitable picture of my own.


I like that idea! I think though I need to up the ante on the decluttering to achieve it sadly. Hope yours goes well.


What a fab idea! I have Christmas gift supplement envy every year - perhaps I could use a similar system but with pages from the Sundays? I often spend a couple of hours in Toast in Bath, just sort of hovering (not hoovering). I did buy a spotty swimsuit once.


Toast -pah! I am too fat for Toast, their loss because if I weren't they might have the pleasure of my custom as it is Gudrun Sjoden is the lucky recipient of my money.

The approach of 1st December is of particular significance for me, and I think you Ali -or have I dreamt that?


You can do it, Ali! Yeah, where is my toast lifestyle?


That is the most inspired Christmas idea yet!

Nina - tabiboo

That's so funny and utterly brilliant - I like your thinking.

Nina x


Priceless. I got one of those too. Best use for it.

Anne @GtSlamseysFarm

The beer advent calendar is an inspired idea. Sadly if I tried the Toast idea, I'd reach Christmas Day with a sheet of paper still covered in bits of paper unless my bits of paper were just labelled "Tidy up - remove this bit of paper". Good luck.


Love this idea! I'm an adult who can't say no to advent calendars, the old fashioned type, not the choc ones, as my gran always used to send me one in the post and now I'm grown-up I always enjoy choosing one - this year a postcard-sized one of a snowy Japanese scene. Enjoy your customized one!


I'm doing that beer thing for the hub this year... Do you leave the stuff in a big box?

The boys' advent is in the making too. Not cans but cute paper bags this time.

And as for the Toast lifestyle.... sign me on for one too if you find the magic door key!


What a great idea, Ali - both your advent calendar and hubby's!

Even though we'll be having a very quiet Christmas this year there still seems a silly amount to do. I kicked off today by 'finding' the conservatory from beneath piles of cumulated stuff as that's where I'm planning to put the tree.

That's one step towards my own Toast home :o)


Annie @ knitsofacto

I agree with Sue, good 'ol Gudrun's where it's at!

Love the Advent calendar idea though, but don't you think those Toast models always look rather smug!

Alice C

I regret to say that my house gets progressively more chaotic as we approach The Big Day. Is there a catalogue for that?


I thought everyone only put the Hallowe'en decorations back in the loft when the Christmas ones come out - is that not true? LOL


This is awesome.

rusty duck

Aaah. The Toast lifestyle. I can but dream.


Fantastic idea!


What a fun idea -- you're brilliant as always! And good luck as your perfect life emerges! ;-D


Yes, yes,yes!!! (And that goes for all of us too!) Now where is my list...


No lists here - I know that the Co-op will be open on Dec. 25th...

Magic Bean

I had swottily put our Halloween decorations back in the loft but I keep finding things I hadn't put into the box...
I do not want a big list on my wall reminding me of all the things I haven't accomplished. I need a wine Advent calendar to help me forget!
Happy Days, Ax


Turkey deadline!! (thank you!).

I know the Toast thing is out of my reach - I'm a bit too keen on mismatched decorations and kitschy glitz.

I like the beer advent calendar idea.


hi there!

what a fabulously simple and eco-friendly idea! ah, a Toast house, yes, on the wish list.


You have great ideas Ali! I love the Advent calenders. I bet your hubby is looking forward to getting his one!


Brilliant idea Ali. I am hoping in vain that when December begins things will maybe start to get easier.... I haven't turned the page this week on the wall diary as it was just too scary. I am muddling on. Adding to an already MANIC period is the FLOODING and BLOCKED ROADS. Yes water up the garden, yes move chickens into playhouse, yes guineas onto doorstep, yes drive the children to alternative bus route etc etc. Roll on this weekend. Advent = Exhibition, workshop and No 1 turns 14. Sorry ranting xx !

Jo Carter

Ha -I too am aiming to accomplish some staring into the middle distance whilst wearing cashmere! Panicking in polyester is more likely though :(


Sounds good to me but in all honesty I am with the husband and the beer or at least something alcoholic as an advent calender.

The Coffee Lady

What a brilliant idea! I got that flyer too - I recycled mine. I know that my perfect life is far, far away, and even if it wasn't, it wouldn't take place in brown wool.

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