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18 November 2012


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crikey, my brain is completely addled these days, these are flumoxing! I've had a private guess but I'm waiting to see the answers before deciding whether I can get my brain back into thinking mode and join in with the next round! Fab idea though Ali, thanks for challenging the brain cells that are left!

UK lass in US

Only two - I think this is something that I need to play when I haven't just woken up...


... now algebra I can understand! It was great fun Ali.


Totally flummoxed on 3 of them. (Can I blame motherhood on my lack of brain cells??).
I look forward to Monday evening, when you do the big reveal.
Jill x
PS - I'm having a giveaway over on blog if you fancy entering.


I'm stuck on too many to embarrass myself by sending you an email with some of my answers. I look forward to the reveal and hopefully have better luck in the next round.

Great fun Ali...thanks.

Annie @ knitsofacto

It's been fun, I've still not sent my answers though, trying to resolve one I'm totally stuck on!


It's been great, Ali and I just can't wait for the answers - hoping that'll put me on the right wavelength for round 2!


but I don't get algebra either!

I'm doomed.

Maybe once I know the answer to these my brain will just click... sigh.


I'm too embarrassed to send you my six answers that I actually feel confident about! My mind obviously doesn't do this easily (although, one I'd been stuck on, I got straightaway when I saw it on this post!)
Oh, and I don't do algebra either. Dunce!
Can't wait for the penny to drop later!


I have now guessed no.8! Next time I won't be so hasty in emailing my answers!

Nina - tabiboo

My mind is definitely not that way wired, but I do love your mosaic of pictures - visual and practical for me.


Hahaha! That's it! Let's have an Algebra//Compound Word Project Smackdown. I might actually be able to redeem myself LOL!


I can't understand algebra either...

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