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01 November 2012


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you name it, i'm in :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

I'm all for anything that encourages community spirit so I reckon you can count me in :D

I give stuff away for free, although I sometimes ask that people pay what they think it might be worth to a charity. It's a kind of honesty box system I suppose as I have no idea if they do.

Meanwhile I'm being encouraged to 'monetise' - horrible word! - but when I do it will be on my own terms and in my own way and certainly won't involve selling the kind of stuff that in my view should be free. Imagine if every time one person showed another how to do something they charged for it, what a sad world that would be.

Great post Ali :)

a touch of domesticity

I really enjoyed your post today, mostly because it's nice to see someone else with the same thoughts as me, a newish blogger, when you joined the party on time. Sometimes I get so caught up in the whole 'late to the party' thing that I forget to just blog for its own sake and enjoy it.

Can't wait to see what your idea is.


Monetising -I'm not keen, too much like working for a living for me although good luck to those who do. I certainly don't feel daft for sharing my recipes for free. I'd much rather do it that way than slog my guts out writing a book for money I don't really need.

Can't wait to see what your plan involves!

Magic Bean

I am intrigued- count me in, I think!!
Wish I had done some fanged oranges- they are bill, Ax

Magic Bean

Brill. Didn't notice my computer altering spellings AGaiN. x


Ali your pumpkins are fab and that one with tooth-pick fangs - I love him! I know what you mean about the monetising risk. One of the best things about blogging has been discovering people's huge generosity in sharing ideas, patterns recipes etc and I like to try and do likewise in a small way if I can. I think there's still quite a lot of that out there and I hope it stays - I think it's a new take on a centuries-old tradition of sharing creative tips among (mostly) women. Of course there will always be those who want to go commercial but I hope there remains room in blogland for the generous sharer who doesn't mind the fact that they don't receive money for what they offer. E x


Hello! Sounds intriguing!!! You've certainly got my attention :)


It's human psychology that as soon as you are paid for something, it becomes a job, something you do for money rather than fun. I'm happy to be in the camp where my fun stays fun. And the most fun part? The sharing.


I'm in :o)

I was thinking about this the other day as there are some bloggers who give away so much for free by way of patterns and tutorials yet haven't done a book as others have.
I love the sense of community that blogging had when I first started and I'm sure it's still out there but seeing the huge success and popularity of others it can make you lose the mojo to blog for the sake of blogging - and that's what I want to get back to, blogging for fun and for me.


p.s. I LOVE your pumpkins and the orange is brilliant!

Rachel L

Sounds intriguing - can't wait to find out more!


I'm in!
I, too, have watched book deals and TV programs eat away at quality blogging and sharing. I'd be at a loss to say any of it was for the good, either, but I guess that's was passes for "progress" these days. Sigh.....


Your Coraline orange is the best, most funniest, Halloween decoration ever.

For some reason typepad never gives me your email address and I have lost it on my dead computer (I use Warren's now, sigh) so forgive me for not replying to your comments. I keep trying to guess from memory what it is and keep getting it wrong. Must be going senile along with decrepit.


PS - been totally thinking that about blogging too, and whatever it is, I'm in.


anything to bring back the sense of community is worth waiting for. (but I'm not very good at being patient..........)


Oh yes yes. Please can I play? Thrilled to hear what it is.

Jo Carter

Really interesting post, I discovered blogs via a search for a free knitting pattern and so it only seems fair to give away some of my patterns on my blog too.
I don't have a problem with making money from patterns (I've done it before and hope to again!) but the 'harvesting' of ideas I find really appalling, saw another example of it only last week. The truly creative would NEVER try and pass someone else's idea off as their own though, it's anti-creative. PS love the pumpkins, the toothpick teeth are very sinister!


Fear not, Saimhain traditionally ran from the eve of 31st to the eve of 1st so totally still in Halloween to snap pics of pumpkins in the morning ;)

As another blogger puts it I am probably late to the blogging party having only been blogging just over a year and there is a part of me that worries about being fresh and inspiring like so many lovely blogs I read. I fear anything I blog has already been said before and much more eloquently than me. But as you say blogging was about community which I've really yet to experience so I am intrigued to see what you're up to :)

urban craft

pippa middleton crafter? I had no idea.
nice touch with fake teeth and orange.

French Knots

I think thr fact that there are so many other popular instant connections now- twitter, facebook,instagram ect - has altered blogging. I notice that some bloggers who started at the same time as me (6 years ago next month) have run out of steam a bit this year, just as I have too, busy lives and time pressures I suppose.
Also thought provoking as my business is essentially selling how to make something, though I hope my lovely customers feel they get satisfaction, a social connection,fun and relaxation as well when they visit the studio. But with three children and no childcare my creative skills were all I could count on to make a bit of money, so yes it's creativity monetised too.
Looking forward to hearing more about your idea, connection and community are the best bits of blogging.


I love the orange with a face!


Since I've blogged five times this year I suspect that some of the lack of enthusiasm I've felt has been the waning of the sense that we were all sharing our lives together. I liked to witter. Wittering seems to have no place in the new land of specialised blogs. I've never really recovered from reading on one blog that the writer had no interest in any other aspects of any fellow blogger's life, other than sewing. Do we live in compartments? Does one thing not impact on another?

I do miss blogging. I miss the idea that I needed to photograph everything. I'll play your game gladly to recover some of that spirit.


Count me in. Anything that gets me back into blogging will be very welcome. I really miss it, but lack the energy and motivation to stick at it these days. Times change, my children are older and what was blogging time is now work time. I have been seduced by Twitter, I will admit, but that leaves nothing for me to go back and look at years later and remember what I was making or thinking.

Love your ghosties, as usual. This year we remembered to make some and the kids drew some truly bizarre faces onto them. They went down a storm.


What I have noticed is a greedy vibe. If someone does something for nothing then if they dare to voice the idea (or someone does for them) that they might get paid for something then there is outrage. People have become spoilt.

On the other hand I hate that there are people who want to charge for everything and assume that they own the rights to the most banal of patterns when there is nothing to it and anyone can and has been making it for donkeys years.

I understand what you miss about blogging and a sense of community and sharing. However, one of the things I don't like is the money is no object way of doing things that so many bloggers have. They are often in a lucky position where they have time and are supported financially. Sometimes people don't have that so it is a struggle to fund the next ball of wool. That is why people look to make money, necessity but also esteem - sadly unless you get paid we don't hold people in any esteem even if they do the same thing.

I've got a new (old) book and it tells me to find pictures and use them to make my pattern from. You can't say that these days as people will accuse you of copyright theft. Want to make a horse cuddly toy and you find a photo in a book or on line and make a traced picture from it and you will be vilified these days. Yet that is what used to happen. That's how we learnt. I hate the greed and the hanging on to things and the idea that everything has its price.

To me blogging reminds me of days when people swapped ideas and shared materials because all people made stuff as they had to. I am on the fence as there are things I hate on the money side but there is room for that (craft books and products HAVE improved) and I like that anyone can have the chance to break through by doing it themselves. I am also on the free side which is of no less use, validity or talent. I think individuals must choose which is right for them. I think bloggers have a natural life though and most of them do move on. I understand that. When you start to torture yourself on the whys and wherefore's and it doesn't make sense or when you run out of ideas then maybe it is time to move on? There will be someone fresh to move in and fill the gap differently. There always will be.

Too much blogging is about showing off and proving you have the best home and use the best fabrics etc. Well my favourite bloggers are the ordinary Joes who still make good despite having none of that. It's about their talent and perseverance - for writing, for making, or just their personality.

I don't blog although I intend to start soon. I understand it is very time-consuming. I'm sure I can see why. It's the competition over the best/biggest/most photos and all the rigmarole over how your blog 'has' to look (I mean for goodness sake, people make money out of telling you that). I daren't start even until I have a professional looking header and name in place. It seems to have become a more shallow thing, where how you say it becomes more important than what you say. I would like to get past all of that.


Love your ghosties and your Coraline inspired orange! And I am intrigued by your plan.........will be waiting to see what you are concocting!


I'm very intrigued by your plan, so I shall be watching to see what it involves!

And I also found your post very thought-provoking. So much so that I've written and then erased three responses. That sounds as though they were rants or something - they weren't, they were just rather incoherent. Instead I thought I'd just let you know I enjoyed your post!

Hope you had a good half term.


I absolutely love that orange and the toothpick pumpkin. And count me in...

Alice C

Oh...I'm having an anxiety attack...will it involve being crafty? I'm with you in spirit but fear that the body might be incompetent.


Boy, what a debate! I've read some of your comments with interest. I'll spare you my rant about "the most banal of patterns" -- I often wonder if people really pay for them though. Holly's comment about blogging being about showing off was also interesting to me -- I guess it could be interpreted that way, but for me it's always been about sharing and I love it that bloggers do share and get ideas from each other. I'm so excited to see what your new project will be and I hope I'll have the time to participate. With ailing parents, my life is sort of not my own these days! ;-D (Love those pics btw!)

The Coffee Lady

I'd certainly love to be part of a blogging community that wasn't centred around increasing your Facebook hits or using apps. Not that I have anything against these things - I went to a fantastic Blogcamp in Manchester the other week and loved meeting up with other bloggers and learning new things. But I do miss any discussion about content, and community-led content - the assumption is that we all *know* what we're writing about anyway, and the main point is to Get It Out There. I was happy when it was just you and Alice thinking it was worth your time to read my blog. Anything else is icing.


Very intrigued over here... I miss those days


I'm intrigued too ...

On the question of sharing - I recently found someone had lifted a chunk of what I'd posted and just posted it together with a photo that I took on their own blog (in Turkey) and didn't give any attribution at all. I commented and emailed asking simply for a proper link and attribution, but never heard back. Grrr!


I love the Coraline orange, fantastic!
And on the subject of blogging, I think what you say is very true. The sharing aspect is one of the things I love most about blogging, and it's such a shame to lose sight of that. I am intrigued by your idea!

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