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06 November 2012


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Beautiful! My hubby was much the same with varifocals and eventually bit the bullet last year and it seems to have revolutionised his life!! Happy hunting, hope they soon reappear :)


rusty duck

Oooh, I feel for you. Reading glasses for the last year too. And why are they never where I left them? How do they have the power to walk off and hide, all by themselves? Why do I always end up having to borrow Other Half's to read the instructions on the Beef Stroganoff?

Hello, I just found your site from Simone's link (Linden Grove).

Your stitching is beautiful and I'm intrigued by the challenge to come.



I need glasses for close work now. I suppose I shall have to swallow my pride and go in to get some. Bah.

Anyway, as a result I can't see anything wrong with your stitching. So there!


I like the idea of cross-stitch in a single colour too as long as the project wasn't too big, otherwise I would lose my place! With regards to making the stitching easier to see; maybe you could get a large magnifier to place over the stitching perhaps?


The only thing I can do as a craft: cross stitch.
It's really interesting the single colour on coloured Aida, never seen before.


Another naughty link to add to my never-ending list! I just love them all.
My eyes are terrible now and I blame my blasted iPhone! I'm not ready for bifocals yet so I am often found with my reading glasses perched on the end of my nose while I'm peering over the top like a school ma'am!


I'm the same (why does age dictate when you get bificals/varifocals? It didn't stop me needing glasses at age 11!) but couldn't see the point of actually getting reading glasses as once I take my normal glasses off I can see - they're currently perched on top of my head as I type (though I often leave them around the house and then can't see well enough to find them again)
I love "The Guardian" - there's something lovely about single colour cross stitch.


Well I couldn't spot any errors! He's gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to seeing him in situ when you start your Christmas decorating. X


Very pretty! I love the colours too.Errors just add your own personal touch!

Nina - Tabiboo

That's what hubby's are for (some of the time) - it does look lovely though and I can't see the errors...even with my glasses on.

Nina x

Alice C

I can recommend a verrry nice lady to make you a customised necklace for your specs.
When you find them.


I love cross stitch, but have never tried one in just one colour. It looks great!


Lovely! If you love one-colour cross stitch you should get A Rainbow of Stitches. Oh, and check out What Delilah Does.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Ooh, I do like that, and if you hadn't mentioned any mistakes I doubt I'd have spotted them. I am embroidering just now, reading glasses firmly in place. The only pair I need but I fear bi-focals won't be so very far away!


I constantly have reading glasses on the end of my nose. I can't see a thing close up otherwise. The last time I attempted cross stitch I found it impossible even with my glasses on. I certainly can't see the errors in your striking design.


I've got specs ( that cost me NZ$1200) that do the works: light-weight, varifocal and reactolight but I ALWAYS have to take them off to do close work.

As for the 'errors'? My Da always told me a little imperfection was pleasing to the eye..


It was trying (and failing) to thread a needle that finally convinced me to get reading glasses and now I wouldn't be without them....when I can find them!

I love your cross-stitch - using the coloured Aida and single colour stitching brings it bang up to date :o)



Beautiful stitching, and I can't see any errors!

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