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08 October 2012


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Oh I am longing to make gingerbread, 'tis the season. Unfortunately I am out of black treacle and light muscovado and my self-imposed ban on buying new food stores means I will remain gingerbreadless for a while.

Nina - Tabiboo

...but explained so very well indeed.

I'm not a huge fan of ginger, old wives tales and morning sickness - it never worked for me, just did the opposite really hence the not liking so much - but give me sticky toffee instead of the ginger any day and my waist (and sweet tooth) are very, very happy.

Nina x


Oooh yes please.... I adore ginger cake.....i normally add chopped up glace ginger to my "light" ginger cake recipe but i fancy something sticky and dark. I have been making - dare i say it - Christmas cakes this morning, so i have all the ingredients......


Yum! That does indeed look like the perfect autumn cake. Will try to fit in a trip to Waitrose this afternoon... K x


I now have a craving for gingerbread too... time to dig out my recipes I think!


Oh no, now I want Parkin!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I have a gingerbread recipe that is equally good if you substitute cocoa and make a sticky chocolate cake. I wonder if this is the same.

Magic Bean

Oh yes.
A very good choice indeed.
Well done.


Ooh yes please. Would love a copy of the recipe. No Waitrose near me. Boohoo!

Best regards,


oh recipe for me please. ginger cake is K's favourite. I can keep it off my waistline by making it not gluten free, and the smell will drive me mad but my trousers won't get any tighter.........


I looked at that recipe s I have a small person here who likes gingerbread for her birthday cake. And as to how we coped with fore technology - I think we just got a lot more detentions for not doing our homework!


Before, not with fore, obviously. I am clearly not coping with technology today.


Yummm! Yes please to the recipe, the new Waitrose near me doesn't open until next month....


oh yes, gingerbread! yum :)


Mmmmm, were you inspired by last weeks British Bake Off? All those gingerbread constructions certainly gave me gingery cravings!!! Looks delicious!


Could this be your recipe??

The Coffee Lady

If you could send pictures of all our homework too that would be good. Or whatever. We'll just do Mark's. Ours seems to live at school.


Ha - technology! The husband is a teacher and just told me that he had someone actually photograph the homework from the blackboard interactive whiteboard on a telephone smartphone instead of copying it out last week.

I am a big fan of sticky ginger cake - stole a recipe from a good friend which is a staple here. Perfect Autumnal cake.

Susan Reed

I would love to have the recipe. It looks delicious!


I'd love the recipe. Thank you so much.


I'd love the recipe too...and as I'm late to the party, surely you must be able to cut and paste it to me.

jane dunn

I would love the gingerbread recipe, it looks delicious. Thank you very much

bakery recipes

This is fabulous recipe..Seems yummy! I too would love the gingerbread recipe.Your blog is awfully appealing.

Marigold Jam

I made one recently and I heated the last couple of squares and served it as pudding with hot custard over them - it worked well. So it's a real winner isn't it?

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