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03 October 2012


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I debate this every time I leave the house - whether or not to take the camera with me. It's heavy and bulky and I'm constantly having to hitch it back onto my shoulder as I bend to do anything. But the reward is that I think a little bit more about what I'm doing when I take a photo and I'm always glad I lugged it around when I get back to my computer and upload the photos. Deferred gratification - years of convent school education worked after all! C.x


You are right! It's time to think about gourds! (You are also right about the camera, but I'm exactly the same --)


i rarely use my big camera anymore. i am quite pathetic.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I think with Instagram we've all become so accustomed to the interestingly filtered low quality shots we don't realise what gets lost. DSLR for me every time, but then I don't have an iPhone!


At least you found some pumpkins!! I can't.Find.Any.


The Coffee Lady

It's fine. You are all photographically zeitgeist-y.


I have photo mojo shortage too. It's disturbingly sad.


Hurrah, it is mini pumpkin time! And as to the pumpkin shortage, I see Smarties have brought out sweetie filled chocolate pumpkins so all is not lost.


For me, I think the phone camera fills a function that I used to fill with a DSLR - grabbing the quick pics when needed. It was like driving a high performance car to the shops and back when a bicycle would have done. Now, I save the DSLR for when I want to make art, and grab the phone from my handbag for the snapshots.

Although I have to say...if my quick pics were as good as your instagram shot, I'd be quite satisfied to stop there!

Oh...and PS, if you want true pumpkin shortage, try finding pumpkins in Australia to carve for Halloween at a reasonable price (as, of course, it is our spring). I bought one from the supermarket last year to carve for about AUD $25 (approx 16 GBP).

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