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16 October 2012


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I have always been the same way with letting go. It's so hard.
I am sorry your friend is going through a rough time, surely knowing that she is surrounded by loving friends like you is a comfort.


My recent experience has been that blogging about it can be enormously beneficial -although it depends on the nature of the anger I suppose.


You are recognising anger in yourself: many people don't. I love the colour and seaside taping.

He'll look gorgeous xo


It took the break up of my first marriage to make me realise the only person who was hurt by my anger was me. It's not an easy lesson to learn. The little pants are lovely and your friend is fortunate to have a friend like you.

Alice C

You are angry because you care and clearly you don't want to care less. The secret is to channel your anger effectively so that you use the energy positively and not absorb it so that it hurts you or the people around you.

Magic Bean

A good friend of mine says her son is a dweller. It is a great phrase for not such a good trait.
Sadly, I think I am a dweller too.
Those knitted strides are delightful. I am, as ever, in awe of all you woolly folk out there.


I'm sorry you're in pain, and I'm sorry your friend is in pain. I find myself frequently angry these days, generally when I feel powerless and frustrated. It's exhausting. I feel for you.


Letting go is the hardest.

And those pants are the cutest.


And I have been thinking something similar about free time. For sure I have too much of it, and I do often brood. It feels like my brain starts to consume itself.

Sew Create It - Jane

You sound just like me. I find letting go tough especially with things that I have no control over or things where I don't have enough information. I find sewing helps...until my mind wanders :o) ((hugs))


Because all we can do is live in the present...I came across this blog post today, and I don't mean to be presumptuous, but you can take it as you will...it is lovely, and hopeful.



My brain won't compute the things I want to say to you. Forgive me. Tx

UK lass in US

My husband still gets riled up over things that happened years ago, meanwhile I have a tendency to forget hurt rather too quickly. I'm probably the happier of the two, but I wonder if I might sometimes be treated a little better by others if there wasn't the knowledge that 'oh, she'll soon get over it'.

Those are some lovely little trousers - the ribbon is the perfect touch.


oh yes, letting go/go with the flow/panta rei and all that... I'm not very good at that either.


Those little trousers on the other hand are totally adorable.


Those are so tiny and so cute omg!

<3 Melissa


I think knitting such a lovely gift is a wonderful way to channel your frustration. take care. x

Annie @ knitsofacto

I find knitting is meditative, a perfect way to clear your mind if you let it empty of all but the rhythm of the stitch. So calming.

Those teeny trews are gorgeous!

The Coffee Lady

I waste a lot of time being angry and frustrated at nothing. So you're worthier than me at least.


How darn cute are those little pants!!!
Don't ask me about letting go. I wish I could, God how I wish.


Those little pants are just cute as can be. Makes me want a baby just so that I can make them!

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