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12 October 2012


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We had egg, chips and beans yesterday and it was pretty damn comforting. What else? hmmmm....rice pudding, hollygog pudding, sausage and bean stew, cheese and onion pie, baked potato with butter and cheese.


Hollygog pudding?

Baked anything for me!


Bangers and mash with red onion gravy. Bread of any kind but especially toast. Tea and ginger cake. A cooked breakfast to start the morning after the night before. Custard. Leek and potato soup. I crave all of it at this time of year. Oh yes,, and a looser waistband... C.x

janet clare

Toast is perfect. every time- for any occasion.
Toast and too much butter- licking your wrist is all part of the comfort!


Soup with crusty bread and anything from the slowcooker with rice or mash potatoes. I've also been enjoying a midweek roast chicken (I've never really done the whole roast on Sunday thing). I've been making individual potpies with the leftovers too. Recipe from here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4-k89IIsLw&list=UUl0kP-Cfe-GGic7Ilnk-u_Q&index=10&feature=plcp

Alice C

I could live on toast and butter. I may need supervision by the food police if I ever live by myself.


dippy eggs and soldiers? I don't know what that is...

crusty bread.

(why raisins? ew! ;)

Aussie Mum

Definitely crumble - apple with a few raspberries thrown in for good measure. Oh and toast - can't live without nice buttered toast.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Porridge with honey, chestnut soup, cauliflower cheese ... this is making me hungry!

In all honesty being able to chew an apple would be pretty comforting just now. I have a still undiagnosed jaw problem that means I can't chew properly and have been living on mush all summer. I should be getting thinner but my comfort foods of choice have been chocolate and ice cream!


Tomato soup!


Hot buttered toast for me please, maybe with some sauteed mushrooms too but on it's own is comforting enough. Though baked apples would also be on my list, especially if I can have mine with a lick of cream. Hope you enjoyed yours and you're right, it's definitely the season for eating comfort food!


mmmm baked apples. yum! soup is comfort food for me, perhaps with a nice batch of cheesy scones.

Magic Bean

Teacakes and builders tea.
Macaroni cheese.
Sticky toffee pudding and cream.
Roast chicken.
Mmm. Making me feel hungry.

Magic Bean

Forgot to ask- where did you get your corer? Have been after one like that for ages... Ax


Soup, soup, soup!

Had to go all the way to NYC to really discover what dippy eggs and soldiers was all about!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

You're absolutely right - comfort food shouldn't meed too much of a recipe or any kind of stress in the cooking. Porridge, flapjack, homemade soup, fish pie or anything with mashed potato really and your baked apples would do it for me or the gingerbread in your previous post - sadly, unlike you I have a very sweet tooth! E x


A really nice soup or macaroni cheese, perhaps. Something warming and hearty. Tonight we had Bacon and Cheddar Cheese Soup. Now that's a bowl of autumnal hug...


My go to foods are grilled pumpernickel and cheese with ham and a spread of dijon mustard inside. Another fav is alphabet pasta with butter, salt, pepper and a hot cuppa tea.

UK lass in US

I miss Bramley apples.

Comfort food for me is usually pretty much anything that reminds me of home, but chocolate is usually the most easy to get hold of... It's still too warm here for me to want to hang about in the kitchen for long.


we make apple pie here. My own granny's recipe that my now Italian bred husband thinks is his domain...I'm OK with that!


Poached eggs on cheese on toast
Cheesy mash
Fresh bread still warm with melting butter
Chocolate semolina with flapjack topping


Oh the goodies I read here ... now I crave a lot of them!

Just had apple crumble a couple of hours ago, definitely a comfort food.


Crumble. Oh yes.
Roast chicken, still warm, in a sandwich.
Good homemade flapjack
All eaten under a quilt or *whispers* in bed!

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