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01 October 2012


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Awesome list... thanks for sharing!


Wow. I've perused this list many times. Your lads have done so much of it. It's wonderful that you have a photographic record. Happy birthday to your eldest. What an excellent cake to have chosen x

janet clare

happy birthday to the eldest!
Mine turned 11 on Sunday and I'm pleased to say that he has done a considerable number of the things on the list- not sure I have as much photographic evidence as you do though.
Seems I have to get him behind a waterfall and wild swimming this year...


Happy Birthday Mark! You've done more in 12 years than I've done in 37! K x


Happy birthday Mark. I'm quite surprised at how many of these I've done. Never really seen the appeal of mud pies mind you- sandcastles are much more satisfactory.


Fab list and happy birthday to your son! I have pinned the list onto my Kids Activities pinboard as will be great to keep referring to!


happy birthday Mark. it's such a great list isn't it. we found we couldnt tick off the butterfly ones, and that scouts had been very useful for some of the ticks!


oh happy birthday Mark!

my boys keep asking when can we meet again.. perhaps in half-term? Somewhere in the middle?

(next year is a 'teen'. Scary)


Wow -- what a lucky boy to have such an inspiring mother. I'm so impressed that you had photos of so many of those activities. Happy Birthday to your little cutie!


Buon compleanno Mark! You've accomplished a lot out of that list!


Goodness, what a lot of achievements, well done. And Happy Birthday too.


Fantastic. That looks like such a fun childhood. And happy birthday.

Annie @ knitsofacto

A belated Happy Birthday Mark. Looks like you've had some awesome times :D

I must look that NT list up and enjoy a happy hour ticking off the things we managed to do with our lot, all some while ago now, even the youngest has turned 20 (crumbs, writing that makes me feel ancient, I was practically a child bride, just saying).


That was beautiful! Thank you for posting this.

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