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10 September 2012


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That is one proud big boy you have there!


i have that very title for my post that i need to publish on my blog this evening ali! a great phrase...i saw it on rachel khoo's blog :)

and even though me and my little elsa don't have school gates to be at yet i think i'll always have that feeling come september. i like it. something in the air has definitely changed here as of this morning.

you look such a proud mum. and what a handsome chap there with you. i guess that's probably a very uncool thing to say right in his world?!

i love that top photo. it really sums up the sense of leaving summer behind in a beautiful way. x


enjoy the bounty of each phase - what a useful reminder, everything seems to be going past in a blur here....

Magic Bean

I'll tell you if la rentree has been a smooth on on Wednesday- that's the day SmallerBean starts school...


What a tall, handsome boy you've got there! Oh, I love back to school, that re-entry into routine and order. Everything has its season. We're finally getting some fall-like weather here, and it feels like all is right with the world.



Gosh, he is almost as tall as you!

Alice C

So tall, so smart, so happy. What a great photo of you both.


Love the boy in new school uniform, hope all goes well for him. We no longer have to worry about new school terms - husband was a teacher so it lasted longer for us, but I still like the feeling that September is starting something new.


Could that last photo be any more glorious? Love it.

The Coffee Lady

Oh, bless your big boy! I must admit - sheepishly - that we haven't even got round to the Uniform Photo because the mornings have been such a rush!



yes, our 'rentree' was a good one... too good in fact.... I'm waiting for the whole thing to fall down like a deck of cards!

That big boy of yours looks fab.


Time does fly by and seeing your big boy looking so smart and tall (and with very cool hair) is certainly proof of that! May your la rentrée be a smooth one - ours has been so far, fingers crossed it will last!


Wow! So grown up!


How he's grown! What a great photo.

Nina - Tabiboo

Oh wow - so smart. My twelve year old always looks like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards...and that's before he's left the house. It's the look - so I'm told, but I bet as soon as they hit school shirts get tucked in, ties and hair straightened too.

Nina x


Hey Ali - thanks for the heads up on the little cork person - I deleted him right away. He's really cute though - will probably try to search and see if I can find his real home on the internet.


I think that that photo of the two of you is the most beautiful thing I have seen on the internet in AGES. What a treasure to have.


I can't believe how big he is! What a gorgeous photo. K x


What a wonderful image Ali. Goodness, your boy is tall! And now, in writing that, I know I have hit middle age.

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