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14 September 2012


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Love corky. Also love it when one of my kids goes away because it means we can eat the meals they don't like. But I'm a cold-hearted mother.


Brilliant! your little cork person has such a sweet expression. He looks like Johnny too though I don't imagine he is much of a substitute so I hope that the next few days fly by for you and that Johnny has a fab French trip.


Wow! That was quick! Your little cork person is adorable. And so is your little real person. I hope he is home soon!


Oh, good luck with the separation! I can relate; my fourteen-year-old has just received the honor of being invited to join the varsity soccer team for an overnight away tournament, and it feels like a big deal to me. Can see that things will be Very Tricky for me in four years' time... xo

Alice C

Errrr...it doesn't get any easier...just plotting how to persuade MissM that she would prefer to commute to uni. Just thought you would like to know so that you don't permit any activities which might increase independence.

French Knots

I don't even like it when my 13 year old goes off into town to the cinema with friends so another country would be dreadful. I must learn to woman up before it happens.


I'm going to tell him you've replaced him with a 'cork'!!!

(cute as it is)


Love the Begnt and Lotta pendant in the background.

Harmony and rosie

My girl has just come back from a school trip .. I missed her like crazy. When I picked her up from the coach yesterday she was covered in war paint with matted hair and had had a whale of a time. I bet your boy is loving every second too.
I do love your little cork man, he has made me laugh this morning!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Just catching up here.

My eldest son is scout-leading with a bunch of twelve year olds this weekend. He texted to tell me the boys all cheered when the last of the dropping-off parents drove out of view. It seems we may miss them but apparently they can't wait to see us go!


I hope your traveller has returned and all is well again chez Domesticali! It's strange how much harder it is to let the youngest go. Lucy xx

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Hope your adventuring boy had a fantastic time and that you've got him back safe and sound. It is really hard the letting go thing even though one wants these boys to go off and do their own thing. I miss H dreadfully when he goes on school trips - I'm not even contemplating half term when he will be away for a week again. But it's always great when he gets back and he's always grown up a bit more than before he went which I'm always proud of. Doesn't make the missing any easier though. Send you a hug. E x


So exciting for him! And we mums do manage somehow...as far as I can tell, that's TWO perfect uses for a bottle of wine!

The Coffee Lady

The babies go away too? I had never considered this.


Is he back? Did you survive?

You have knitted an acorn hat for your tiny cork person. I am finding myself wanting a full-sized version.


I can only imagine what a strange feeling that is! So far, my eldest has only been away on one weekend brownie camp, though even that felt like going overseas as I had to go round the M25 to deliver her! "Toto, I've a feeling we're not on the M4 corridor any more."

Hope the trip goes well for both of you.


PS cuteness all round from cork-boy and real-boy.

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