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30 September 2012


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It has whizzed by here too, I do hope October is a little slower as it feels like we're hurtling towards Christmas which is a most unsettling thought! Love your boots x

Nina - tabiboo

I know exactly how you feel - I haven't really adjusted to our new circumstances and with October tomorrow, I'm not too sure where September went.

Nina x

ps. Love your shoes by the way. X

Thomasina Tittlemouse

What a lovely way of looking at it! Let's see what you 've got, October indeed! E x


Do let me know when you've honed your time-taming skills!

And big whoop for conkers ; )

The Coffee Lady

I lost most of August too, if that's any consolation.


What? Is it October already? UGH. I missed a FEW months ...


ooh I know that feeling. And the big C is already looming.


Really - October already? My where does time go?

I was looking at your Crocs and it seems that the left one has a more pointed toe than the usual squarish left one, or is that a trick of the eye?


Exactly, completely, precisely!

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