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20 August 2012


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The makies deserted me a long time ago, unless you count food makies which give me enormous satisfaction. I glad you and Monica didn't end your day out the same way Thelma and Louise did.

janet clare

lovely to see you on Saturday! I hope the makies never leave me- I'd be lost without them!

The Coffee Lady

Oh good grief. Gogos. They still exist?


Perfect colours. Excellent word.


What? You mention the FOQ and then don't show me fabric? Or at least one quilt? Still, your tank and necklace have ticked a great big box. Especially the necklace.


The Gogos!


THAT is fab!

I've got the makies too.. unfortunately packing and sorting the house out is taking priorities... hope the feeling lasts till I get back!!

Thanks for the company, excellent as usual!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Your sari silk plaited necklace is just beautiful! And yes, days to refocus on creative plans and get a bit of inspiration along with a touch of retail therapy are necessities from time to time. Survival strategy if nothing else but also so much fun! Enjoy the aftermath which is also the good thing about days like these. Hope to see you soon once September frees up our Thursday mornings! E x

elizabeth durkan

It is funny how i go through spells of being very creative then nothing!I usually find when hubby is away i get the creative urge roll on september


Oh I love the fabric! And the necklace matches beautifully. I'm finding that it's the smaller, non-epic craft projects I'm enjoying most now too.

K x


I'm desperately hoping for the makies to return after far too long an absence! It seems that when I took up running I abandoned crafting although there is absolutely no reason why I couldn't do both. And I must confess that I haven't run for over 5 weeks due to an injury and then a holiday in far-too-hot-to-run Italy :o) xx

Annie @ knitsofacto

I'm taking a holiday from the makies ... it's quite a relief!

Love the necklace :D


Everyone needs a sanity-booster from time to time, especially one involving stitchery.

Would you recommend the wiksten tank pattern? Yours looks great, pretty fabric.

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