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24 July 2012


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Ha! The Latte has your number.

I just found a hairdresser I like after a three year search. She chopped it all off but did it with such style I like it better than the hair I was after. Now what's the bet she will leave the area before I go back.

As for my kids, the boy has a barber he likes, and the girls are still looking. Over their respective styles I have no say, and haven't for years. Dammit.


ha, I thought just the same as coffee lady! I think I have finally found someone who can cut E's hair decently, since we moved 3 years ago.... he likes it long, fluffy, showing off his curls, never ever brushes it! and looks a lot like a blonde puffle. the new hairdresser has teenage boys, so she totally understands them, and she comes to the house and is impossibly cheap. probably worth driving all the way up here for actually!

Miss K meanwhile can almost sit on her hair now....

French Knots

Why thank you for the tasty hunks to oggle over my breakfast!


Robert Downey Jr..... How lovely to get eyecandy I can go mmm about without the teenagers going 'Mother!'
Thank you!
And I hope you all like your haircuts?


I am rubbish and rotten about haircuts. My last one was December but it is now too hot and thick for my head and I have to book for next week. I had a lovely hairdresser like your Adrian, who maximised my curls rather than cutting them off, but the he moved. To my joy I have rediscovered him lurking in North Cambridge!

But as for the kids - the Tall one developed a fear of hairdressers at 3, so I occasionally snip away halfheartedly myself. The Tiny one's last haircut was *whispers* never. I don't think any of us will ever be girly girls. Sigh. It's just as well I have girls, not boys. Mind you, she gets so many compliments on her long wavy blonde hair that I'm willing to let her get away with it.


We finally found a womderful woman who can cut both my husband's hair and the boy's hair. Not only did the kid inherit his dad's ridiculous hair, which sticks straight up without the aid of product, and must not be cut too short, but he has three crowns, creating a whirlpool of despair on the back of his head. I'm hoping the RD jr look is still in by the time he grows up because it would suit him down to a T, and require next to no effort.

Ta for the eye candy too, missus.


Gosh, I also have curly hair and have found a hairdresser who cuts it so the curl is enhanced not poodle like. It's harder than you think to find a good hairdresser.

UK lass in US

My curly locks haven't seen a hairdresser in over a year, but they're used to being treated badly (I try to torture them into being somewhat straightish every day - I gave up trying to tame the curls...). As for my poor kids, I cut their hair - and my husband's too. My son would like to try something longer, but he has such a thick mop and a bunch of cowlicks... and a mum that prefers it short... Even Downey Jr can not convince me otherwise.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

The hairdresser thing is loaded! Hope your expedition satisfied all concerned! (without costing you an arm and a leg)! E x


Hi, Ali. I pay a ridiculous amount of money so that Michelle cuts Mattman's hair, which then doubles because it's easier to take Jo along as well. And more than trebles because Prince Charming has also decided to entrust his troublesome mop there. Only thus will Mattman avoid having a crown of hair with vertical tendencies that defy the flatness of the rest. Jo will look blond and super-surf cool regardless of logistic ease! Would be too scared to estimate cost thus far and henceforth. And they're only nine and seven! Michelle goes on a year of maternity leave from next week. It could all get very Tangled...


Youngest brings illustrations of manga characters to his cutter - and she pulls it off!

Lady Latte has all the good lines.


Oh the holy grail....a hairdresser who can cut curly hair! I've been looking for years,I found one I liked but she decided to retrain to be a nurse damn it-how dare she care about the sick more than my barnet!!

Magic Bean

Mmm. I am a biannual visitor to the hairdresser. I never ask for a particular stylist as they never seem to a) do the same do twice and b) seem to be able to cope with my wilful locks. Often I get a random person to hack it with the kitchen scissors and it never looks awful.
SmallBean whimpers as BigBean cuts his. He is haircutphobic. And Smaller is desperado for a visit to the hairdresser- she wants the cape, the spray, the mirrors, the chat, the sweeties and the music. But as her hair is like mine, there is no way I am parting with hard earned cash when I can hack it with the kitchen scissors!!
Hope you are all looking neat and tidy now. But as you had the chops a few days ago I expect that it is looking much the same as it did before...?

Magic Bean

Sorry. That was ridiculously long.


I have no input in my kids' hair except financially. I do like the Robert Downey picture though.


I feel your pain. My son was happy going to a stylist at a local barber's, but said local barber's closed down, and since then his hair has been ... *bleurgh*. Last month I took him to the lady who does my hair and she listened to what he wanted, and then cut away. At last, it looks decent again!


My girls go to the same person I do - reasonable, but she listens to what you want. And although she does tend to blow dry my hair lovely and straight and smooth, she manages to cut it in a way that it still looks good when left to dry in its own, somewhat wavy way. I admit that Alex, who is after all, only 9 and not a teen yet (and who doesn't really care about his hair as long as it's short enough that the really adorable wispy baby curls it gets on the back of the neck don't show) gets the clipper treatment at home. As does Daddy...


My oldest daughter has hair of Rapunzel legend. It's absolutely beautiful, blond, thick and wavy. When she got many compliments on her hair last week at camp, she tossed her head, smiled perkily, and replied, "Thanks! I grew it myself!"


hi there!
what is it with hairdressers and straightening! i came in curly, i want to leave curly, just cut it!

thanks for the eye-candy first thing Monday morn.... ;)


I don't seem to manage my children's hair at all! I regularly threaten the daughter with a bob if she complains about me brushing her waist-length hair, but she knows and I know I like it long too. I get away with the odd fish tail plait or messy bun, but am currently fighting the battle of the middle-parted double french plait (my favourite), which apparently just won't do. The boy wakes with a vertiginous quiff each morning as he sleeps on his front, and no amount of brushing or expert trimming helps. Then there's littlest with a vertical cowslick amidst poker straight hair.

Good luck with your twosome!


We missed Sara too - she cut Juliet's hair from being a toddler up until she moved back to the IOM, and was very happy to do it despite it taking longer than a boy's haircut.

She has graduated to the junior stylist at my hairdresser, who takes enormous care with her, and straightens it too (but 3x the cost of Sara though), so it's only twice yearly for now.

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