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09 July 2012


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Ali! That is fantastic!

Am slightly fearful for your neighbours though...

Off to try out the £1 per bag tactic. Wish me luck!


Flaming heck! That scared the life out of me!


Good grief! How clever are they?! And in their PJs.

You have school hols already? We have another two weeks to wait and then all hell will break loose and food shopping will be nightmarish. Ugh.


Oh my gosh, if I wasn't such a complete, utter, embarrassing wuss at scary films, I would totally go to see that. Well done to your boys!

Nina - Tabiboo

nine 'nine' weeks - flipping heck.

Ours still have another two weeks at school and only (counting on my fingers) six off. I hope you're well prepared.

Nina x

The Coffee Lady

That is pretty damn impressive, lady.


We are impressed.

Helen Welsh

Wow! Very Impressive! A bit scary to think one of these young minds will pick your nursing home one day but hey with talent like this at least it will be an exclusive clientele! Good luck surviving the NINE weeks - mine are off for seven & I thought that was quite long enough! Helen


Ha! What an awesome little movie! They really should make more, was so fun to watch.

How did I never think of getting my oldest child to clean her room by bribing her with money? I've been after her to clean "the deathtrap" for ages now. I even went in last week and did most of it for her. I cleared out 5 (yes..Five) bags of junk..mostly paper. Grounding her didn't get her to finish..but she does love getting money, so maybe that will do the trick.


That is stupendous. Love the closing credits. One name appears, erm, several times I notice!


Ooh, very good! Stars in the making! Hopefully this gem of an idea will get you through the weeks ahead...!


Brilliant! Can't wait for the next installment.


Wow! That was great! I'm terrified, although I'm not sure of what -- the doors? the . . . patch of grass? Fantastic!


Totally amazing. Bet that would get a fab review by the movie critics.
All the better for being in PJ's methinks.
Lisa x


That is awesome.
And you guys impressed the "birds".
That is major.


Fantastic. Loved it!

UK lass in US

You could have warned me that it was going to be scary...

We have you beat: 12 weeks of summer holiday here. Obviously the school year is planned by someone who a) doesn't have kids or b) thinks that people living in urban Los Angeles County might still need their children to help with the harvest each summer...


Amazing! What talented--and handsome--sons you have!

I bribe my children to get rid of stuff, too. Sometimes money is the only motivator. Sad, but true.



Wow! I wish I had those computer skills! Seriously impressed.
Good luck with the NINE week holiday! Our school doesn't break up for another week-phew!


Bravo! VERY impressive.

I'm a teacher, so the "how many weeks?" comments make me laugh.


Just had to leave a comment and say that that is BRILLIANT! More power to their elbow(s). x

Sew Create It - Jane

Fantastic editing! I'm feeling truly petrified! :o) Wonder what else they can do in 9 weeks!

Magic Bean

Love it.


Scary stuff! :)


Brilliant scary film trailer boys! Ali I hope you retain most of your sanity over the next 8 weeks! I don't envy you the very long summer break - ours starts at the end of this week and I'm so unprepared!


Hi Ali,
I just wanted to say that I think your blog is fantastic. I have worked my way backwards over the past few days right to the very beginning. I'm impressed you have been blogging for so long and you've inspired me to start my own. Will definitely be adding to my favourites. Enjoy your summer holidays x


great blog


That was brilliant!


hi there, stumbled in...

clever clogs! that was so well edited too, did they do the whole thing?

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