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20 July 2012


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Love the sandals! And hoping you've brought the sun back with you :) K x


A donkey on a trampoline? I'm packing my case.


You have two seriously gorgeous looking boys Ali. Cripes, you're going to have fun through the teenage years!
jealous of the hols...I need me some sun, it's been so long since there was warmth in the air. we get 6 weeks, how come you get 9? We finished school today, hoooooooray, thank goodness.

Magic Bean

Hiphiphooray for holiholidays...
We went to Scotland- we had sun and no midgies.
Am wishing Scotland was famous for calamari. But scallops and langoustine run a close second...


I've never had calamari. baby or otherwise. and I've been known to take my own pillow on holiday.....
glad you had a lovely time. those books look so happy and chilled out x


Love your happy yellow feet.


Gee whiz, don't you have beautiful children?
So good to know tat you enjoyed your hols too.


Sylvette Calamari is my stage name. Seriously. Long story...

So glad you had fun, even if Typepad didn't let you tell us all the deets.


Hi Lynn,

And now, if I ever need one, (which is highly unlikely) Sylvette Calamari is my stage name too!

Ali x

> To: alisonhudson03@hotmail.com

French Knots

I have the yellow sandal wanties! x


Ola to you too! We're still away, the house had wifi after all but I resisted a week without touching it... So don't feel too bad about using it now!

Having lots of paella ... Must try baby octopus next!

Nina - Tabiboo

Lanzarote and yellow sandals - could it get any better.....and the sun is shining in good old blighty - welcome home, happy holidays *big sigh*

Nina x


Indeed, what beautiful children.

I love their film!

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