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08 July 2012


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oh, so sweet! no fair! ;)

it would be nice to have a 'cutting garden' so that you still had some outside, but you wouldn't feel bad cutting from one particular place - that's how i feel, too.


I used to use viburnum for foliage, till mine got infested by some beetle which turned the leaves into lace. Hebe is good and very resilient for cutting!

ellen kelley

I do not have a cutting garden.
Will it be just fine to snatch and clip the grasses that I love? Stick them in a vase and called it done.
It is all good. Giving thanks to whatever is around us and that which is beautiful.
Hope you had some dry days.


have you tried using fresh herbs - they look lovely. It also encourages fresh new growth to help keep them young. Great for taming mint which can be a bit rampant.

French Knots

I planted cornflowers, stock and cosmos seeds at the allotment for cutting, the slugs said the seedlings were delicious!


I'm using some herbs when I need a bit of green and also a spirea arguta, which has lovely little pointy leaves. Oh, and my bronze fennel which is self-seeding like a mad thing.
The philadelphus looks wonderful. I have very few flowering shrubs to rely on.

Nina - Tabiboo

I'm snipping very similar posies at the moment, but alas my poor roses - petals are strewn all over.

Nina xx


mmmm green foliage. I have nettles you can have if you like..........


Pittosporum is excellent for cutting foliage, hosta leaves look great around posies of garden flowers and you can never go wrong with some rosemary leaves!


Jacob's ladder might be nice, and it comes in variegated foliage, as well.


Rosemary is a good standby. I often use escalonia (the young shoots) and have a pretty fuschia with small lime green leaves which is always useful. Also winter flowering jasmine.

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