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24 June 2012


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I should like to join you but I don't have a blog...


I'm in!


Gorgeous. Adn you have my beloved peonies!!! I LOVE them.


I missed the start of this but having seen the fun last year do intend to join in. Right, where's my camera?


Oh yes. I LOVE colour week. Will be trying to join in....


Thank you Ali, I shall be joining you and have just come indoors after being 'at large' with my camera.


You're TOO funny! Is gray really a color anyway LOL?


Me too!


I must be really turning 'brit' because that was my first thought. Shame on me.

Magic Bean

Me! But will have to wait til pink day cost of work... Ax

Magic Bean

...should say cos... x

Nina - tabiboo

I fear I'm a bit wishy washy at the moment, but I will watch with anticipation at the delights that come out.

Nina xxx


lovely idea, but my camera is now refusing to work at all, as opposed to occasionally which was the previous setting. will watch and enjoy x

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