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15 June 2012


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Magic Bean

Ooo. I like it. Ax

Thrifty Household

When I saw the title I was expecting one of those sugary candy necklaces that I used to get as a child.

Is this the adult version? I like it- great colour! (& sugar-free too...)


Awesome. I need one! Off to raveled I go...


Off to dig through stash to find appropriate yarn!


Gorgeous colour and yes, hard sum knitting definitely needs occasional relief.

Claire (The Fibreworks)

Sooo lovely!! And what a fortuitous coincidence that it takes a single skein of Alchemy Silken Straw. I have one in my stash (also purchased at Loop) and I haven't had a clue what to do with it. So that's sorted ...

French Knots

A perfect present project, though sometimes the present has to be for ourselves.


Oh hurray! Now I can peer at it and marvel.


Ooh, that is pretty - clever too!


Yes, you definitely need one for yourself - it's beautiful.


I can confirm it is utterly gorgeous, as I am the very lucky recipient! Thanks so much, Ali!

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