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10 May 2012


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Beautiful and inspiring. Like you, I do not own nor have I knitted a shawl, but this project and its serenity tempts me.


Just how many cups of tea have you had Ali?

Love that grey, very soothing.


restful and soothing. xxx and clearly deserving of lots of tea xxx


Your shawl looked so beautiful that I clicked the Ravelry link and realised that when I was looking for a shawl pattern I'd dismissed that one - I suspect I couldn't see past the colour. Suddenly it's become more appealing.


Oh I am so in love! But you knew I would be :)

K x


I keep seeing so many beautiful shawls on blogs and here is another to tempt me. I've never made one before either but think I might.


what a beautiful shawl that would go with pretty much any thing too i want one!


Muted. Beautiful.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

So lovely to see your shawl finished - it's absolutely beautiful and so are your pics. They capture the quiet stillness you talk about perfectly. And I'm glad to see that your tea consumption is nearly as prolific as mine! E x


Gorgeous! That's my kind of shawl, and in my favourite colour, so you know if you ever tire of it ... ;D


Grey? Grey.

You. Grey.

Wow. It's totally gorgeous. The colour, the pattern... Good job my friend!


That's one gorgeous shawl. And a whole lotta tea.


Beautiful, and worthy of all those cups of tea!


Very pretty shawl.


Ah. So soothing.


Forgot to add...And gorgeous! Love the pattern.


it's beautiful ali. and you've photographed it beautifully as well.


I have a shawl on my needles right now too. My first, both to own and to knit. Yours is very lovely indeed.


Ali it's beautiful. I love muted tones and this pattern looks perfect in the colour you've selected. That's just what knitting should be - a wonderfully tranquil experience with tea and the quiet sound of falling rain outside when you're warm and peaceful inside is blissful x


I do so like a rounded shawl, very lovely!


Lovely shawl! I'm loving gray in my knitting (and other things) lately too. It is such a restful color, isn't it?

Anita at Bishty

Lovely. Tea really is fantastic fuel!

French Knots

It is perfect, and beautifully photographed too.
I am knitting my first shawl it's not nearly as pretty as this so now I want to knit another.

The Coffee Lady

It's certainly very lovely. And nice shed.

Jo Carter

Never thought a pile of used teabags could look so beautiful!


That's lovely Ali and very serene! Lucy x


Very lovely indeed; but with that much tea I would be bouncing off the sofa!


A very pretty shawl, it is a long time since I last knitted one, perhaps the time has come again?

Are you keeping the tea plantation going? Single-handedly?


That's truly beautiful, Ali. I love how you describe colour.


Your shawl is beeeeeautiful. I can also picture it in a very soft aqua blue too, it would then whisper like a gentle calm summer sea.

"Love of colour always seems to me to go along with a zest for life. The sort of bold fearlessness that is guaranteed to raise the spirits - a call to joy."

You have exactly described my addiction to colour, the energising, joyful zest it creates that's sooo apt in my world!
Your words read like magic sometimes you know, you are a super-gifted writer Ali.

UK lass in US

Oh dear, I'm usually to be found in black and grey...


Delightful. You've made the rain much more bearable.



Hi Ali - what I really like is the delicate feminine shawl next to the nearly not there boys camp sign. Great combination x


It's absolutely gorgeous. Made me smile, as this week I feel as though I've been knitting the weather as well. Off to Ravelry now to download it and get my own version on the needles. I have some grey sock yarn with little blue and white flecks which has been crying out for a project...


The shawl is lovely, Ali. Know what you mean about 'tranquil knitting' - sometimes, if the project is just right, my usual impatience for it to be finished can melt into contentment and a desire for it not to be finished too quickly!

Sam Butler

Stunning. Simply stunning.


Your shawl is perfect knitting for grey and rainy days - so pretty :o)

I also thought you'd somehow been into my kitchen with your camera. Our teabag bowl assumes similar proportions on an (almost) hourly basis!


Ali at Very Berry

Your shawl is beautiful...

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