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21 May 2012


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I think there's a mail eating monster somewhere. It's the only explanation.


i thought I had the passport sussed. Always ask the same friend to certify the photo, keep a photocopy of one filled in so she can remember her employers address without a problem, black pen, sign in the box etc etc. Only this time it was sent back with a new problem. Picture is ok but too pale to scan in for new style passport...arrrgggh, have they ever tried to balance a child in a passport photo booth.
Maybe its all an attempt to get us Staycationing?


oh dear.

the flowers are very lovely though!


Oooh but does this mean you're headed somewhere lovely?

When filing for an American passport here, you have to go to a specially approved photographer on Oxford Street just to have your picture taken! Must arrange to have it done at home next time.

K x


No it doesn't need to be so hard, but it so often is. Flower distactions are definitely a good thing at such times, cute posy - do the secateurs suggest that they've come from your garden?


Oh God - my passport has expired, I really need to renew it but I can't be bothered! Do I really want to travel that much?


I feel your pain! I got all the way to Newport last year (our nearest office) only to be told that Martha's head was in the wrong place on the photo - even though according to the booth it was where it should be. Agony.

UK lass in US

If it makes you feel better, you are not allowed to use booth photos over here - and the local pharmacy seems to delight in taking really awful and unflattering passport photos... oh, and the cost to order my passport from the embassy is astronomical.

I think that the worst was the immigration office, though - they used to have the requirement of photos being taken at a 3/4 face slant - and would keep requiring the pictures to be retaken if they felt the angle to be off to the most minute degree.


listen... unless you tried spending a day at the Italian Consulate in London... you CANNOT complain about the uk system. Trust me. I KNOW.

soooo... where are you going?


... but you do have the most perfect vase.
Hope the passport stuff gets sorted quickly.

Ruth Hancock

Admin - ugh!!!, but who would have thought a Marmite Jar could look so beautiful filled with country flowers - and isn't it great to see the SUN today?? Could this be the start of SUMMER - we hardly dare to hope!!!!

Have a great trip anyway.


Oh help, you've just reminded me that both our passports expired last month! Oh well, I'm not likely to be leaving the country this year.

Lovely flowers :D


Lovely flowers! :)


I don't know why they make things so difficult. I filled out my passport renewal on-line, it arrived, I signed it, got a picture done in the Post Office, presented it at the PO counter and was told that the picture was too pale and that my signature had gone a nanometre outside the BOX. I had to fill out a new application and have a new picture done.

Thank goodness for Marmite and pretty flowers.

Alice C

Just wait for the humiliation when you are told that you can't go through the e-passport because the machine doesn't recognise you. Oh...maybe that's just me.


Love the flowers. And where are you going, assuming all passport woes are resolved?

The Coffee Lady

You could always stay here and watch it rain.

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the flowers are very lovely though!


Oh dear, oh dear, but Flowers in Marmite is making me smile.

Lynne Kovan

Lovely vase. Lovely flowers. I'm in the process of emigrating to Canada. Forms, forms, a Phd would be easier! I will think of marmite flowers from now on!

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