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16 May 2012


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Yes, sometimes we need to choose between useful and clever. I would have no faith in an electronic diary at all.


I agree with you, but sadly my husband doesn't, and he refuses to use a paper calendar. I've had too many arguments about whose activity is going to take precedence, so in the end I gave in. I did get a nice phone out of it though!

jen - painted fish studio

i'm the same way! i cannot book appointments or events until i get home and check the written calendar hanging on the side of my refrigerator. i've tried to keep a calendar on my phone, but i guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.


I am all for paper diaries! I cannot get my act together with the electronic ones. I think the simple act of physically flipping the pages and recording an event stores it in my memory better. And there's the bonus bit about fiddles and washi tape too...


Doodles, not fiddles. See how the electronic medium foils me.


Oh I completely agree! I gave up on electronic diaries ages ago after an unsuccessful flirtation with a Palm. Paper calendars all the way! K x


Sorry, I'm no longer a paper fan (there's an origami joke there somewhere!) and my entire life is now on my phone. I only just turned my (free) Abel and Cole calendar over. From March!
Love the washi tape though and have numerous notes stuck to the bottom of my desktop screen with my collection!


I keep an electronic diary at work and it is very helpful but that is because I sit in front of my computer most of the day! For my "home stuff" I keep an old fashioned "write it down" journal. It just works for me... besides it's fun at the start of a new year to make or buy a snazzy datebook... all clean and fresh.


I'm a Filofax freak. I love the versatility of the pages and the fact I can put pages in for an event and then take them out afterwards. Just so useful. Plus also, I treated myself to a (Cheap on sale) leather filofax and it smells sooo good. I tried using my smartphone and puter with Googlecalendar but I just couldn't get the whole picture.... and that is the problem with them. So, paper for me all the way!

UK lass in US

I, um, don't have a mobile phone. Plus I have a gamer for a husband, who hogs the computer. It's probably not surprising that I use a wall calendar, is it? Although it's not hung up, and I often take a few days to find it. For the short term I use a wipe-off board that's on the fridge.

I did try using the sticky notes application on the computer, but the gamer kept deleting them.


Flicking back through the year just isn't so much fun electronically.


I'm dreadful and don't really keep either kind of diary although I do have a few things on my phone and a couple on the calendar. When I grow up I'm going to be so organised!


I cannot live without my big clunky homemade planner on the kitchen counter. And I have just spent an eternity trying to find either (a) my favorite slim-but-comprehensive travel diary, which I used while Eurailing in 1988 and 1990, or (b) the digital equivalent. Epic fail. So I am settling for a too-chunky too-heavy Moleskine version and feeling cranky.

Why I needed to share all of that I don't know. I might as well go ahead and reveal that my water heater just died, too. It did.

(See you soon.)

The Coffee Lady

Conversely, I have a lovely paper one that I can carry everywhere, but I never open. Except to write down vital dates which I then miss.


Just last week I finally bought myself a 2012 calendar. As they are no longer available in the shops I had to order it online, and considering that it's May, I feel it was not as reduced as it ought to have been.

Anyway, at least I now have some grasp over what's happening in my life over the next few months.


Oh no you're not!!!!! And living up in Edinburgh the chances are good!!!


well, I have the diary on my phone with beeping reminders - essential. a paper one in my handbag full of notes and scribbles AND two on the wall.

You can't have too many diaries.


I am so with you. My husband despairs, he wants us to electronically synchronize but I too have tried and failed. I have had some lovely Moleskines and for many years a personal Filofax sufficed but this year I have upped to a large Filofax, a place to stick Post-its, file letters, stick tape and the addresses are all there too.


A big paper calendar in the kitchen. I can't manage it any other way - and the kids don't keep asking about where and when. I even put meals on because I was being asked what's for dinner up to ten times a day.


I have my wall calendar in the kitchen - it works brilliantly and I don't intend to change the system. Not only can I see it, but others can add things to it if necessary, and important things like tickets or invites can be attached if necessary. I can't imagine doing it electronically, despite the highly technological nature of much of the rest of my life!

Esther Aliu

Oh yes I know that feeling!

Nothing compares to paper when it comes to dates, diaries and most especially RECIPES!


I'm totally with you on the old fashioned diary. Couldn't cope without it.


Walk calendar's and desk diaries all the way here. No washi tape though, I must invest in some.

I feel your pain re. the cricketing summer! I had rugby playing sons ... the times I prayed for drought in winter (no mud) or torrential rain (pitch under water) ... all I ever seemed to get was just the right amount of rain to create a bog for them to play on!


We're a divided household - husband can't function without electronic gadgetry and I keep everything on paper (and in my head). Daughter's partner is a cricket umpire so she frequently wishes for rainy weekends too!


Absolutely definitely paper style! - big family calender on wall in kitchen with pen attached. Everyone has a column (although mine should be bigger)and you can easily see when events clash. If it is not on the calender then you don't get priority. But I also have a small handbag diary as there are many things that don't qualify for public presentation but do however need to be remembered!

Ruth Hancock

I like the computer - hence blogging etc., but I'm afraid I only really have a mobile phone to keep with me in case I break down in the car ! and I always have the Country Living Calendar in the kitchen - the pics are so nice and even save the pics from the previous year and have them in order on a bulldog clip on the wall and move them with the months - they are too nice to put away after only one month on show each - I know - I really am eccentric, although really very organised - and by the way - with us it is golf fixtures we have to work around !!


I totally agree with you. The idea of an electronic diary sounds good, but I always use a small paper diary. Glad I'm not the only one.


Oh yes! Nice to know I am not the only one. I am with you on this.


Oh i am totally with you regarding the big diary.... I still use my old Filofax Deskfax - a relic from my pre children days..... I quite like to be able to say "I'll check my diary and get back to you"
And I am with you on the cricket. I am doing the teas on Monday night. Lasy year a couple of packs of party rings would be enough..... NOT ANYMORE.... It's s full blown production now. Any ideas?

French Knots

I like a paper diary with everything in it, activities, to do lists etc plus a calendar in the kitchen. I'm not very good with gadgets - had to send the touch screen phone back as I couldn't work it!


I've gone back to using a filofax. Just perfect with a section for notes/memos/business cards/addresses. It's my brain in my hand!

Sew Create It - Jane

I must admit I still use a paper diary and only put things in an electronic one that I want my dh to be aware of...it is shared with him :-) that way he has no excuses and can't say he didn't know :-)


You can beat a good old fashioned paper diary - the physical jotting down, scribbling out, underlining and triple circling really important stuff just doesn't translate into electronic formats. I'd be lost without my trusty Charlie & Lola family planner propped up here next to the computer!


ooops that should say 'you CAN'T beat' !!


I have a little diary with a pencil in the spine that I keep in my bag then I use teuxdeux.com on my screen for keeping track of day-to-day 'must dos' that used to get noted on down on the backs of envelopes that then got lost.


Ugh - I have my work (paper) diary, my work Outlook diary and somehow two paper calendars ans still manage to miss all sorts of things!


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I did try using the sticky notes application on the computer, but the gamer kept deleting them.

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Ugh - I have my work (paper) diary, my work Outlook diary and somehow two paper calendars ans still manage to miss all sorts of things!


Big paper calendar on the fridge is what works for us now. The kids can check it and keep track. I have a smart phone but I keep all details in one place ONLY (fridge). DH is beyond electronically challenged anyway--I am his planner, lol.

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