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11 April 2012


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Oh, oh, oh. I love this.

Marie Nichols

Ali it looks great - I love your styling in the shot too. In the summer I'm going to do a little mini comp via the blog asking people to send in styled shots of their Number 57 purchases in their homes and the winner will get a lovely print - I'll keep you posted 'cause you have to enter!
Totally know what you mean about repetitive stitching - i've been working on new xmas designs today - worth it in the end though!
Thanks for the post


Very beautifully said.

Must go back to xstitch.


How do you always manage to find such lovely stuff?


I always, always love embroideries in hoops. I hang them that way too - in big hoops and little ones.


I love the pattern and the colours too. Very elegant. And thanks for the reminder that it's not the destination but the journey of craft that's important; I can be a bit too gung-ho and destination orientated when it comes to getting my projects done, so thanks for the gentle reminder
Jo :)


Very Pretty Ali! I love your cute little winged candles too!


oh I like!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I love the phrase "vanilla stitching" - and you are so right about projects that don't need constant reference to a pattern or complicated instructions but can just quietly take flight under hands that are gently busy. Love the pics too - so eloquent. Hope to see you this morning. Elizabeth xx


Oh how beautiful! I looked up and bookmarked the pattern the day you mentioned it at lunch. And I finally restarted my own cross-stitch this week, though not as elegant as yours!

K x

Fleur Cotton

Beautiful project! and I always like to keep my hand busy with a project that I don't have to think about too much ... it also helps over Easter too as while your hands are stitching they can't be picking at chocolate! LOL :)
Fleur xx

Account Deleted

This is awesome! I love the white stitching on the black. I am going to have a go at this! How do you find these places?!


it's brilliant, I really like it. I have been contemplating a cross stitch project myself, maybe I will crack on with it now.


That's the only craft I can manage, cross stitch. And I am doing one right now! Brizio's name to put on his gym towel, as I and Fabio have it too.
Oh, for once I feel "crafty" ... lol. I usually just sigh at the beautiful things you post.


Ooh, I like this! Must check out the website...

Jeanette at  www.methedrowsybee.blogspot.com

I am so enjoying your blog (I have just found you) and am impressed with your beautiful pictures... especially the ORANGE TULIPS! WOW. Thanks for sharing what you do with us in blogland.


Perfection in a hoop. I love it.


It's lovely Ali :D I enjoy drawn thread hem stitching for the same reason, just the same stitch repeated over and over.


It's stunning Ali, simple and elegant and perfect proof of the pleasures of keeping ones hands occupied - I'm with you on that and can't imagine I'll ever be able to just sit and do nothing ever again.


So simple......so pretty.

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.


You're right, it looks beautiful just like that.

Magic Bean

You are a bad woman. I do not need another lovely website to look at and drool over.

Your stitching is perfect. Gorgeous. Ax

The Coffee Lady

That's very lovely - and I'm also interested in the text-and-spoon thingy in the background.


It looks lovely Ali! I've never caught the cross stitch bug although I remember doing a small Peter Rabbit one for Dot that never got framed - but you have inspired me to do some stitching. In fact I have friends coming round for tonight and I think I will prepare a little stitchery to do while we chat. Probably something from one of my Japanese books or Fred's new drawing book :-) Lucy xx

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