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09 April 2012


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Yes, how does it happen? I had some new running trainers and my 12year old took a shine to the old ones and they fitted him perfectly. He said he like the beat up look in trainers!


That must feel a bit surreal. My two have a bit of a way to go, but my 7 year old loves to "jog" with me, albeit for a few hundred yards at a crazy sprint! Glad you're still running! I am totally addicted again and contemplating a half marathon in October...


No 1's feet are waaaaay longer than mine.

And you put me to shame with your jogging. Hat off to you.


oh, that is so sweet it makes me want to cry...and in part, i'm sure, because i'm not too far behind the point where my boys feet will out-size mine.

good for you to keep up the running! you inspire me as i've been trying to get back into it for soooo long now-what was it you said? at least you're running laps around the one sitting on the sofa...that one really resonates with me.

Alice C

I send MasterM my running times and he sends me back encouraging messages. And his own half marathon times. I try to separate the two halves of the message into different parts of my brain so that I am not utterly overcome by a sense of inadequacy.


My little one runs and runs and runs. I just watch.

The Coffee Lady

How lucky you are to be able to exercise together. Enjoy every minute of it.


Well done for keeping it up! I've started doing high intensity training three times a week, because I can fit in 6 minutes on an exercise bike without neglecting the kids (4 is too young to come running too!).


How wonderful, we don't run me and Brizio but my husband does, Xtrail to be precise, that is up and down the mountains. But I did experience a gym session with Brizio and I think it's a special feeling to do sport with your kid. I loved it!
Of course the trainer forbid me to do EVER do it again as I continuosly tried to correct him so it was a one timeexperience ...

Fleur Cotton

Great! Though I find it difficult to run with my daughter age 9 as her pace is so sporadic, one minute she sprints and then slows down then sprints again. We run 'Parkrun' a 5k run on a saturday morning together sometimes and she really enjoys it.

Fleur xx


I'm really impressed that you can keep up with Mark even if he is going slowly - Dot runs with me each time I go out but is always miles ahead. She tries to turn round and run with me again but she just can't go that slow!! How are you doing? Have you finished week 9 now? Did you manage to get up to 5k? I've been working out that I go so slowly it will take me about 45 minutes to do 5k. Lucy xx


My little man has just overtaken me on the shoesize, it has thrown me into a spin. How can a nine year old have size 6 feet?? HOW? At least I can now nab his outgrown size 5 black crocs, but I am still not happy about my giant child growing too damn fast.
I'm teetering on the edge of the running thing, the 0 to 5k program has me wanting to do it. Need to buy trainers. Inspired by my visit with you as always,thank you xxxx


now you can't come to my blog and tell me how I'm going strength to strength when I see you post about your running...with your sons. :))
That is really strong. Something that I just could never imagine doing.

well done Ali.
I now have a bike that I have tethered to a wind trainer and I find just doing that difficult. Won't stop THINKING about getting fit...does that count?

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