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23 April 2012


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Now that is a gem of a find.
My sister and I were only saying at the weekend how nice it would be to actually stay in London (despite us both living here!) for the night. We are seriously considering it!
Was that rainbow chair display still in the museum foyer?


How lovely! (particularly watching the marathon from an eating establishment, now that I could achieve!)


Gawd, those sausages look good.


I think it can be too easy to overlook what is on our doorstep and so a trip to stay in London sounds like a wonderful idea... especially with such a stylish sounding hotel.


I'll keep that in mind, thank you for the tip. When you have 3 children it's hard to find places to stay...

I think it's time we head for the big smoke again.


What a great place to stay. I'll have to bear it in mind as I'm well overdue a London trip. Think I might skip the toy shops but I love the Museum of Childhood.


How lovely.
And I can see now where the blue sky has moved ... as it's been missing here for the past 15 days of non-stop RAIN.
Yeah ...
I've taken good note of that Hotel!!!


What Sue said.

We may well take a leaf out of your book and have a full day out in Cambridge. It makes so much sense.

The Coffee Lady

I think that sitting down whilst other people run about just balances the universe.


Oh nostalgia. I lived about 9/10th's of my life about 15mins walk from Greenwich Park. Thank you for the photos. Feel a bit choked now! Better plan a visit.

Lynne Kovan

Sounds like a fantastic stay. Thanks for sharing all that information. Can't wait to try those sausages out!

Fleur Cotton

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend in London. I was there this weekend too to watch the London Marathon pop over to my blog if you have the time to read all about it.

Hope you have a great week.
Fleur xx


Like a touch of domesticity, I felt a little pang too - when we lived in Peckham, Greenwich park was a regular haunt. Glad you had such a lovely time, I do miss London.


That looks like a perfect family break. It's all to easy to overlook the treasures on your own doorstep. We're only 20 miles from the centre of London but now that I don't work there anymore I've not ventured there for about 7 years. Maybe it's time to get reacquainted!

UK lass in US

I'll have to take some notes - we might be having a brief stay in London this summer (probably dependant on Olympics crowds...). It's been a decade or so since I was last there - I haven't even seen the Ferris Wheel thing (is it the London Eye? I don't trust my memory 'til after 8am...)


Right, I'm squirrelling that hotel away for the future. We love going to London too but end up so shattered after day trips. It would be a lovely treat to stay one day.

Sofa Bed Brisbane

Yup, the hotel looks good and the scenery isn't that bad either. It seems like it would be a great place to go for a vacation where you can relax and just forget about everything back home. Thanks for the share!

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