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25 April 2012


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The buttons are the perfect finishing touch.


funny, i felt guilty for turning on the air conditioning yesterday. it's only april, it feels wrong... yet it sure is hot here.


I am sure she will be thrilled!!


After rain all summer, we are finally getting some sunshine in autumn. Go figure.

And very punny.


Oh you crafty crafty girl ;-)


So gorgeous. And such fab spring colors. The perfect antidote to these gray skies (ugh). How I wish we had a Rosie's here. K x


gorgeous. and lovely spring colours. (even it the weather doesn't play that game at the moment.

Sigh. WE're swamped in mud.


Talk about rain, we had it for 11 days straight, complete with hail and all.
Should I remind you I live in Positano and it's supposed to be warm and sunny and almost swimming season?
I thought not.


Yep, it has definitely been the week for warming stew, central heating and sewing inside. That is a super cosy and I bet it was much admired by all of your needles and natter ladies. Hope you had a lovely morning - a bit of knit and natter is the perfect antidote to the windy wetness outside - I enjoyed a crafty afternoon with friends too.


Your cosy is beautiful - and I love it when people choose very special buttons


Gorgeous and very professional looking to boot. Well done.

The Coffee Lady

Thank god for good friends.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

What a lovely idea and those buttons just make it! Am sure LIz was thrilled. Looking forward to being back next Thursday - was so sorry to miss yesterday's celebration. Can't believe the rain is still tipping it down today - I am afraid I have abandoned all guilt and cranked the heating up good and proper! E x

Lynne Kovan

Sweet present! I just love my Knit and Natter group. It's like an oasis at the end of the week. We laugh a great deal, and hardly ever talk about knitting!!

UK lass in US

How sweet you are.

Stew sounds good - I ought to make some up before the weather gets too hot to enjoy it anymore.

French Knots

It's more like November, cold wet and grey. Your jaunty cosy is a great antidote to such foul weather.And a lovely present.


Gorgeous! And so very thoughtful.


I'm naughty because our heating has never actually gone off! Your cafetiere cosy is gorgeous - I bet it was very happily received! Lucy xx


What a lovely gift - love the colours and those buttons are gorgeous!
I seem to have got things all wrong with my meal planning. We're having lamb shanks tonight - a really warming wintery dinner and what do you know? It's stopped raining, the sun has come out and it's gone really warm!


It's not raining here in sunny Scotland. Well, sunnyish. Hope you've dried off.

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